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Thursday, April 12th, LBS Review, part 4

(Have you meditated about how precious it is that God lets us “be a fly on the wall,” so to speak, to conversations our Lord had with the Pharisees, Sadducees, and disciples?  This conversation is 2,000 years old and we have it today!  I have marveled at being able to listen in to Abraham talk with the Lord concerning saving Sodom and the righteous from destruction.  We think technology has made for us instant news as we can hear people reporting from far away places; but we can hear news that is 6,000 years old and still living and fresh to our ears:  “Let us make man in our image.” – Whew, I rejoice!)

In the Luke passage, we heard the Lord teach from the Old Testament concerning salvation, rejection of the Messiah – the Son of God, resurrection – the Lord is the God of the living, The Lord’s coming reign on the Throne of David.  Read it again.  You will notice hatred of the resurrection.  They did not want this “man to rule over them!” See: Luke 19:14)

During our study we went through verses 33-44 of Luke 20, and marked every verse that related to time.  We observed:  “sons of this age,” “sons of the resurrection,” and the rejected Stone becoming the Chief Cornerstone, and such like.  I think you will be surprised at how this one exercise of noting time will enhance and simplify your understanding as you study.

(After I taught these lessons, I was told about a book, Time Travelers Of The Bible: How Hebrew Prophets Shattered The Barriers Of TimeSpace by Gary Stearman.  It is available for my Kindle and I am thoroughly enjoying it!)

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