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My Bible, the filing cabinet of my life…

My Bible is a “filing cabinet” of all sorts of sticky notes and notes that fall out from time to time. I am reminded of my aunt, who was an RN, and would tell stories of her experiences with most everybody asking her advice. My mom called her on numerous occasions for advice concerning a medical malady.

So – aunt Catherine and uncle Woody were taking another lady home from church one night – all three in front seat. The lady commenced telling Catherine all about her bladder problems. When the lady exited the vehicle, she dropped her Bible, spilling all the notes and bulletins. Aunt Catherine leans over to look at the mess and says,

Oh, my – you have dropped your bladder and spilled everything that’s in it.”

My Bible also has wide margins for notes and that got me to thinking about what do we write in the margins of our lives – those small, blank times at the beginning or ending of our day – even the unfilled spaces during the day. What do you write there? You do have them, you know. “Down” times, waiting times, between chores, between errands.

Where do your thoughts go in their margins?

Whether I have 10 more years (since I’m almost 70) or you have 40 more years, we must “redeem” the time! “Buy” back lost time, pay the price of filling the margins with what will “count” at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

“Study to be approved!”


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