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The following is my “rough” study of Ephesians 3:9.  There is hardly any commentary on my part.  The literal version and the Strong’s – note version includes all three verses:  9-11 of Ephesians 3.  Anyway, read and study carefully.  Many blessings are stored away for you to discover in these verses.  Enjoy!

 Eph. 3:9And to bring to light—what is the administration of the sacred secret which had been hidden away from the ages in God, who did all things create: – Rotherham

When God was creating – before God created – He had a plan, a “secret” plan, “mystery,” hidden away in Himself – The Great “I AM,” – Elohim. And, when He said, “Let there be light,” it has spiritual and literal implications for you and me!! This plan was “hidden away from the ages” in Himself. This plan includes an ADMINISTRATION! And, now is being made know to ALL His creation.

Eph 3:9 and to enlighten all as to what is the administration of the secret, which has been concealed from the eons in God, Who creates all,

Eph 3:10that now may be made known to the sovereignties and the authorities among the celestials, through the ecclesia, the multifarious wisdom of God,

Eph 3:11 in accord with the purpose of the eons, which He makes in Christ Jesus, our Lord;” CLV – Concordant Literal Version


Eph 3:9 AndG2532 to makeG5461 allG3956 men seeG5461[G5658](aorist, active, infinitive) whatG5101 is the fellowshipG2842 of the mysteryG3466(*), whichG3588 fromG575 the beginning of the worldG165 (ages) hath been hidG613(concealed)[G5772](perfect, passive, participle) inG1722 GodG2316, whoG3588 createdG2936[G5660](aorist, active participle) all thingsG3956 byG1223 JesusG2424 ChristG5547:

Eph 3:10 To the intent thatG2443(for the purpose) nowG3568 unto the principalitiesG746 andG2532 powersG1849 inG1722 heavenlyG2032 places might be knownG1107[G5686](aorist, passive, subjunctive) byG1223 the churchG1577(elect) the manifoldG4182 (much variegated) wisdomG4678(executing counsels in the formation and government of the world) of GodG2316,

Eph 3:11 According toG2596 the eternalG165(age) purposeG4286(*) whichG3739 he purposedG4160 (AUTHORED)[G5656](aorist, active, indicative) inG1722 ChristG5547 JesusG2424 ourG2257 LordG2962: – KJV, with Strong’s & TVM


Mystery”G3466mustērionThayer Definition:

1) hidden thing, secret, mystery

1a) generally mysteries, religious secrets, confided only to the initiated and not to ordinary mortals

1b) a hidden or secret thing, not obvious to the understanding

1c) a hidden purpose or counsel

1c1) secret will

1c1a) of men

1c1b) of God: the secret counsels which govern God in dealing with the righteous, which are hidden from ungodly and wicked men but plain to the godly

2) in rabbinic writings, it denotes the mystic or hidden sense

2a) of an OT saying

2b) of an image or form seen in a vision

2c) of a dream

Part of Speech: noun neuter

from a derivative of muo (to shut the mouth) a secret or “mystery” (through the idea of silence imposed by initiation into religious rites):

PURPOSE” -G4286 –prothesisThayer Definition:

1) a setting forth of a thing, placing of it in view, the shewbread

1a) twelve loaves of wheaten bread, corresponding to the number of the tribes of Israel, which loaves were offered to God every Sabbath, and separated into two rows, lay for seven days upon a table placed in the sanctuary or front portion of the tabernacle, and afterwards of the temple


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