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The Birth of the Second Adam…

Birth of the Second Adam…

Two weeks in the year 2011 yet to go; and my meditations and thoughts continue to center around the first and Second Adam. The bride and co-regent was created IN the first Adam just as the bride and co-regent is being created IN the Second Adam. The following is a copy and paste from October 24th of this year. I just read it again and you need to read it again as we reflect upon The Second Adam’s birth.

Adam and Eve failed, short of the goal God had for His creation in the image and likeness of Himself.

  • At the moment of failure, God put an appointment for them in his book, named “once to die and after this, the judgment.”

  • Judgment, interestingly, will be based upon their partaking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because all “seed” begun in Adam will give accounts of their deeds, whether they be good or evil.

  • Sin did not accrue to mankind’s account until the law – even though Adam conceived in his own fallen image and likeness.

  • The law was given as “schoolmaster” to reveal just how far one has fallen short of the Glory of God – short of the goal and prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

  • Death, and the resulting “sin” and “life” are KEY words for our understanding.

  • One can be dead, yet live! (as Adam was)

  • One can be crucified with Christ, yet live! (as the Second Adam does)

  • A way to understand this, is through a study of “seed.”

  • Seed of first Adam begets death and sin. We are Adam’s seed by physical birth.

  • We can be the Second Adam’s seed by being conceived from above and begotten (born) of God.

  • Her Seed” in Genesis 3:15 must be born of a woman as “Son of man” to create the one “new man” (creation) in Christ Jesus.

  • The “new creation” in Christ Jesus will inhabit the new heavens and the new earth.


Some more thoughts……, even more random:

  • Adam falls short of the Glory of God.

  • The God of Glory appears to Abraham.

  • Christ in you, the hope of Glory.”

  • Adam – created

  • Noah – saved (saving the “seed” of the only uncorrupted family on earth.)

  • Babel – mankind separated

  • Earth divided

  • Abraham, an idol worshiper, called out by the God of Glory

  • Abraham believed God and righteousness accrued to his account! (before the law)


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