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I almost got arrested before going to surgery!…

Or, at least subpoenaed….

There are 8 women with my name on the hospital’s list of patients.  I had been told by the office that called me the day before surgery to inform everyone I met of this fact – very sternly( not her “exact” words).  One of these Mary Pattersons was even born in my same year.  They have confused our heart tests, sent knee replacement surgery info to my urilogist, for two years I received another MPs bill as she made monthly statements and another one had collectors calling me for furniture I had not paid for at Sterchies.  

So, obedient as I am – I am overheard telling my surgery nurse this fact.  In the meantime, “Susan” had been sent to my room to “cheer” me with positive thoughts – like, “let’s just think positive.”   That goes against the grain of my Bibically- correct obedience to “think on these things” in Phillippians.  But, “miss sunshine” becomes adamant upon hearing that I have “divulged” private information and “broken the law!”


“I’m not telling!”

(Quite frankly, I don’t know the girl’s name.  It was a few years ago.  And, I wasn’t going to tell anyway.)

Being in the helpless position of lying naked, tubes in my arteries, and dried-out mouth, I just cried on, silently.

And, our daughter, JOY’s last words to me before I might die – “Be thankful you are about to go under”  – or something like that.  (When she gets back from a wedding in south GA, I will ask her.)

Now, that REALLY CHEERED ME UP!  And, kept me from being arrested for murder.  🙂


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My garbage went to church,……but didn’t get saved…

This may turn out to be one of those “you had to be there” stories.  I hope not.

This is a true story and no names have been withheld to protect the innocent:

We have a routine we follow every morning of each week.  Our dog, Rusty, knows which day of the week it is because of our habitual habits.  Even though Saturday and Sunday are different from the weekdays, he knows.  One time I told Bob that when we get old and forget what’s next, just follow Rusty – he knows!  Sunday is the only morning they go to the paper box together.  When they come back into the house, Bob puts paper in my reading chair for after church and Rusty rounds the corner and gets into his kennel.  Well, okay, he’s not perfect.  This past Sunday he stopped short of it, looked back at me to say, “Do I have to?” – All I have to do is point.  He goes.

Garbage is taken out every day after the kitchen is cleaned up for the night.  Rusty only has to hear the first plastic rattle of the bag and he promptly appears.  “Goody, goody, it’s time to take the trash to the can!  I will chase a cat or two and look for raccoons.”

Since we are old, it is best not to vary routines!! 

A couple of years ago – on a Sunday morning – routine had a glitch.  I had promised to take some books to our organist and I had finally got them together and put them (in a white plastic bag) in front of the door; thus assuring that we either had to step on them to get out – or, like I have done sometimes, step over it and wonder why it was in the way!   But, this time I holler to the back of the house for Bob to pick up the bag at the door and take it to the van.  “Okay,” he answers back.

In —  the —  meantime —-  –   I see that the kitchen trash is out of its routine, tie up its ends into a cute little knot, and put it by the door.

You have put this together, haven’t you!

We arrive at church – first ones there.  Unlock.  Set up piano, lights, etc.  I practice.  Sarah checks on the nursery and plays with the microphone.  Just the usual.  People arrive.  Sunday School begins.  Enjoy that.  S. S.over.  Organist arrives.  I show her our offertory and interlude songs.  Time to begin the prelude.  Oops!  The books!  “Bob, would you run out to the van and get the books.”  Organist and I chat.  We go over songs once more.  Turn around to see book bag is on the front pew.  Show her the books.  Step away – but – WALLA!  There is another white bag on that front pew!  We  – both – take  –   a  –  better look and I don’t need to tell you there was no prelude that Sunday.  It was  tearful, gut wrenching laughter.  We had to just let go – no controlling ourselves.  There was the prettiest kitchen garbage bag you ever did see!  Cute bow, too!

People quit greeting each other to stare at us.  I sense wonder on the faces. 

Bob appears at pulpit to begin the “hymn calling.”

We go to our posts.  We have to take “turns” playing because we interrupt ourselves with more laughter.

Bob looks at me in “wonder what’s up” mode.  I point to trash bag.  He doesn’t get it.  Brings on more……………

It’s catching – laughter.  I think I see smiles all over when I take a peek at the congregation.

I don’t even remember the offertory!

Go to our pews.

Dare not glance over at the organist.

Dare not to even look up! 
That cute little bow can be seen just peeking over the top of the pew two rows ahead!

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I’ve told you, haven’t I, about reading through the Psalms every month by opening to the today’s date (17th), read that one, add 30 – read the 47th – and so on?  There are 150 psalms.  When a month has 31 days, I have saved the 119th Psalm for it.

Psalm 17 had a couple verses that have interesting words:

Ps 17:4 Concerning the works of men, by the word of thy lips I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer.
 Ps 17:5 Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.

The word “paths” are not the same Hebrew word.  Verse 4 means “a well-travelled road.”  Verse 5 means “tracks.”

“Tracks” –  Mary, I have travelled this road before you making tracks which you are not only to follow, but step into exactly as I have laid them out for you.

People, you may be surprised of what this reminded me! 

When I was 6 years old and my sister was 2, we moved to Dry Valley which was just a little ways from Happy Valley!  The road through Happy Valley was paved.  That’s what made it “happy.”  Dry Valley had a winding dirt road all through it and when it was dry, you had to dust your house every day.  Not so happy.  And, when it rained, it turned the red chert to red mud.  Very not so happy.!

However, back then Rossville was a bustling, busy city!  There were four very nice dress shops – The Personality Shop, The Jo Ann Shop,  The Frances Shop, and The LaDean Dress Shop.  (Oh, and Rubinstein’s Store and that’s another story for some other day.)  The men only had one nice shop – Vassey’s. (Does that mean that women shop four times more than men?)  The Hamilton National Bank and Longley’s Drug Store added to the quaint little city.  The only store remaining now, as then, is a jewelry store and I cannot remember the name.

  And – there was a bus route from Rossville, past Happy Valley and through Dry Valley and back, twice a day.  And – we only had one car that daddy drove to Happy Valley every day.  The bus just passed Happy Valley, not gathering one bit of “happy.”  It was older than I am now, rattled and bumpy, enabling us to burn a lot of calories from being jostled about – and loss of water because of no air conditioning.  No need to “fix” your hair before leaving the house because the open windows on the bus would “fix” it for you.

To board this bus, we had to walk a ways down our very steep, unpaved driveway (which the bus driver named “Cramer’s Incline.”)  It was best to avoid rainy days; but, sometimes the bargains and sales called my mom’s name.  We just HAD to go.  One rainy day, mom instructed us that we were to step smack down in the middle of her muddy tracks to cross Dry Valley road.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  We must’ve looked like little ducks all in a row – for a few steps.  When Martha’s shoes stuck in the tracks of my mom’s, she set about to holler about it.  The bus was topping the hill to our stop.  Martha was now bare footed.  Nope, not “bare.”  They were surrounded with mud.  The shoes were surrounded with mud.  Lots and lots of “unhappy” now. 

I wonder why I cannot remember the rest of the story?!  Perhaps it is because, as I have aged, only the “happy valley” memories surface.    Or, maybe it is because this is really Martha’s story from here on!!  Bet she can remember!

She does!

Oh yes I remember the “rest of the story”

  Mama backtracked to where I was. I was bent over trying to dig my shoes out of the mud. She gave me a GREAT big pinch on the b___, which was up in the air.  I jumped out of my shoes and ran home barefooted and hid in the back bedroom closet. I knew I was “dead” for making us miss the bus. Mama said she dug out my shoes and the two of you drudged back up the “Incline” to the house. The only thing I remember is Mama finding me in the closet.

The rest is a blurr. Guess it was too traumatic to remember. Ha!

 Maybe God will provide baby “tracks” for me.

Love ya,



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This is too funny not to pass on – enjoy

I have had a headache all day!  I and three of my high school classmates (of almost 50 years ago) have been corresponding off and on and it is just too funny not to post.  I will use no names:

Good Morning, Girlfriends –Is any body else experiencing slow growth of your underarm hair? 

No under arm hair so you can have more time for the mustache!

What really cures the headache is getting the mustache waxed.  Pain moves from your head to your upper lip.

What I am MOST concerned about is the hair on my HEAD…getting  sooooooooooooo  thin.    But, alas, I guess wigs are the only answer for that…

Please share when you get your wig and snip off two small patches to send Mary…..Thanks

I guess we will never be too old to be silly!  BTW- my headache is much better!  I have had some side-splitting laughs.  Thanks, girls!

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