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Romans 10:17 – again

 April 30th, 2012, Monday – I can once again move out to our little screened porch. The pollen had been so strong that it ran me back inside for a couple of weeks. Bob has filled the bird baths and there are some happy birds entertaining me. He is now watering the blueberries. It will take at least an hour – or more – so, I will wash clothes later. Fine with me. Mornings are the best out here and my chores do not bother me here. The blueberries take priority. They are abundantly covered in berries and are promising a very good harvest if Bob and the weather work together.

As I was setting up, my Bible fell open to Daniel, chapter 4, and I have been reading the chapters backwards to chapter 1. I’ve told you about reading verses backwards for a fuller, better understanding. Romans 10:17 is one of my favorites. I did a word study – especially the prepositions. Romans 10:17 “So faith [comes] from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” (NAS) After some word studies, I make notes and the verse reads: “Then, the faith out of hearing, and the hearing through the word (“rhema”) concerning Christ.” There is no verb in this verse and has to be supplied in English.

Then, I wrote my paraphrase frontwards: “The immediate origin of the faith that pleases God comes out from the act of hearing – and – the act of hearing comes through the means of specific word concerning Christ (the Messiah).”

Backwards: “The word pertaining to and concerning Christ (His title in the coming kingdom age) – through the act of hearing – produces the faith that pleases God.”

Here’s the version of this verse that I wrote in 2009. It also tells of an interesting event in our lives:



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Those flaps on each side of our head…………..

My dad used to say that if one looked at his head from behind, that he looked like a taxi cab with both doors open.  Well, I have his photo right before me and I must add to his explanation that from the front/side view, both doors are still open! 

The Daily Light evening reading caught my eye this morning:  “The ear tests words as the palate tastes food.” (Job 34:3 NKJ)

This past Sunday I began hollering at my husband and it exhausted me.  I repeated almost every sentence over and over.  Every once in a while I would giggle and say, “Is this going to be what its like when we get old!”  Yikes!  We are old.  By Monday, I was worn out and he was frustrated, too.  So, in the evening, we put warm oil into his ears and he washed them out on Tuesday morning.   I ask him if he could hear any better.  He said, “Huh?”

Very often I have thought upon God’s phrase:  “…he that hath an ear, let him hear…”  Now, I figure that everyone listening to our Lord’s statement at the time, had those flaps on the sides of their heads – and they had two of them.  His “ear” in His statement is singular.  Well, most definitely, our Lord is not just referring to our physical ears, although He expects us to do comparisions.  We accuse our children or spouses of “selective hearing,” and God references the fact that the sheep hear His voice.  We must have “singular” hearing!  What does the Shepherd’s voice sound like?  I’m thinking of Rev. 2:29:  “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (NAS) 

And, then there is Romans 10:17“Faith (has definite article before it and is a noun – a possession, not a verb – actually, I can find no verbs in this verse) comes from (“ek” – out of)   hearing (noun – not a verb – meaning the thing heard) and (“moreover,” “yet”) the (definite article, meaning a particular  thing heard) hearing (noun) by (“dia” – through) the ( definite article not in original, we could insert “a”) word (“rhema” – as opposed to “logos”) of (concerning) Christ (from the most reliable sources).”

Got that?  Wanna’ read it again – and again?  While you are doing that, I will add some more definitions from the sticky notes in my Bible that will help:

Rhema” – denotes a word, saying, or sentence in its outward form, as made up of words – i.e. parts of speech.  (Reminds me of English class when we had to diagram sentences.)

“Logos” denotes a word or saying as the expression of thought – hence the thing spoken or written, the account given as a whole.  (Reminds me of when assigned a subject for an essay.)

“ek” –  denotes motion from the interior.  It means “out from”, marking the immediate origin.

“dia” – through, as though dividing a surface into two by an intersecting line (ah, kinda like having two ears with only one hearing between them).  Includes the idea of proceeding from and passing out/ also, “by means of,” which an action passes to its accomplishment.

Got that?!

 When studying a verse literally word for word, I have myself rewrite it to see if I have comprehended it and learned anything!  Another sticky note:

“The immediate origin of the faith that pleases God comes out from the act of hearing – and – the act of hearing comes through the means of specific words concerning the Messianic Christ.  Or – the word pertaining to and concerning the coming reign of Christ – through the act of hearing, produces the faith that pleases God.”   (FYI – I MUST include Hebrews 11:6 in my thinking every time I write or think “faith.”)

So, why study word for word – diagramming, parsing verbs, even meditating on the definite articles?  Because it is the “rhema” that makes faith my personal possession and through which I can please God and diligently study to present myself approved by God and not be ashamed.  Studying this way  improves my hearing The Shepherd’s voice – and no other!

Oh, yea – I heard that!  What about my husband’s hearing? 

 Yesterday, Tuesday, I plugged “sudden hearing loss” into Google, read only one page, called the doctor, called Bob’s work, he rushed out to doctor’s office.  He is 70 years old.  Blood pressure 128/68.  Oxygen level 97%.  Weight, normal.  Temp, 99.0.  Pulse, 66.  Now, he has just rushed up to the twelth floor of Erlanger and is normal as normal can be for a fit 50 year old!  But, he can’t hear!  Ears are clean!  By way of deduction, doctor thinks it is his sinuses.  Go buy Afrin, use twice a day.  Call again if not better. 

This morning during our little time of prayer and discussion of our day, I used my normal tone of voice.  Aha………so nice!

Lesson:  Be careful of anything – cares of this life, world, flesh, devil, ect. – that crowds out the hearing channel!  God prefers to speak in a still, small voice.

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