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Forgive, forget, and move on….

“forgive, forget, and move on.” Is this possible? And, most importantly, do we ever really forget.  This is my response to a reader:

I’m picking up your question here as I head to bed and I am a morning person; but I have a short answer tonight.

We are to forgive as “He forgives us.”  Right?

Our Lord’s forgiveness is not in effect until we ask for it, based on His shed blood for our sins.  Upon confession, HE remembers no more.  Or does He?  Perhaps the confusion is on that word, “remembers.”  God knows everything from beginning to end.  What He does do is not bring it back to His mind to be dealt with at the judgment seat.  It is no longer on our account. 

 So, how can I forgive others as He has forgiven me?

 When asked for forgiveness from the offending party, I completely forgive, first, by saying so; and then, by not bringing it up again in my memory or to the offender’s memory.  It WILL come to my memory.  I offer it (the thought, the memory) back to Him as a sacrifice of praise, acknowledging His forgiveness of me and the strength He gives me to not bring it up again to the offender.  The length of time this takes until it no longer jumps, unwanted, back to my memory is usually in relation to the depth of the hurt.  Sometimes,  I have to excuse myself from the reminding situation when all my flesh is screaming at me in memory of past hurts, and get alone with the Lord.  This is most important.  My bottom line motivation is to please the Lord.  I get alone with Him, immediately, or as soon as possible and admit my temptations to bring it all up again.  If your bottom line is not to please the Lord, then forgiving as He forgives us is not possible.  And, I still fail.  And, I still ask His Forgiveness and it is freely given me.

That may not cover your question concerning “forgive, forget, and move on.”  It cost our Lord’s life to provide forgiveness.  It will cost us our “self, fleshly life.”  But, you will not forget.  Never think carelessly about the forgetting process.  It is a long haul when the offense is deep; but one can be led to the point of peace and contentment by continually going to the throne of grace for mercy and help; as you offer to the Lord the sweet-smelling sacrifice of your will before him.

 Now – if the person never acknowledges his/her sin as it concerns you?

 No forgiveness can take place unless it is asked for!  That’s as Biblical as it can be.  Our part is to pray, wait, and remain in the attitude of forgiveness, if asked for.  Again, we must remain before the Lord with every thought, word, and attitude.  Just think.  It does give us opportunity to ever be before Him in praise and thanksgiving, asking for – and receiving – His help and grace for every need.  And, with no guilt on our part.  It is good, by the way, to discern where one’s feeling guilty comes from – someone else, or from the Lord.  Pay close attention to your guilt before the Lord, but take lightly someone attempting to put guilt upon you.  By the way, the Blood was shed for our guilt, as well as our sins!

 Now, that “move on” part.  I think, perhaps, I have covered it, in a way.  It is done with the Lord, only – His help, strength, grace, etc.  It is not done stupidly or foolishly.  Wise decisions must be made and practiced.

One of the best things I have done to help with personal relationships is read the Proverbs through every month for years!  There are 31 chapters, so that fits a chapter a day for most months and 2 chapters on shorter months.  You will learn how to treat a fool – or a jerk!  How you had better not co-sign a loan with someone.  How you need a wise friend so that “iron can sharpen iron.”

 Reading the Psalms through every month help with my worship and confession.  There are 150 Psalms.  Read 5 a day.  I read the one of the same number for the day – tomorrow, for example, is the 19th.  So, I begin with Ps. 19, add 30 to it and read Ps 49 next, then 79, then 109, and then, my favorite, 139!  I love the 19th of the month!!  These are good ones and it is amazing to see how they fit one another.



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Yesterday’s Assignment…………

Did you do it?  Did you “put together” the definitions, paraphrasing into your own words, then write a prayer to our Heavenly Father?  I do not look up definitions, verb tenses, and companion scriptures for nought.  I pray them back to The Father.  Or – write them out as His love letter to me, letter of correction, or praise Him for the doctrine and instruction in righteousness.

Review yesterday’s entry and then today’s “Mary paraphrase” as a prayer:

“Dearest Heavenly Father, I ask to be able to discern and skillfully use your discipline, correction, and chastening so as to order my way aright – governing every aspect of my life in Your Wisdom.

I ask that as You bring to light Your Word for me, that I will be able to distinguish between the traditions of men, including the so-called wisdom of this world, from what You plainly say.  May I fit every doctrine into its proper place.

I desire to seize every warning so as to maintain wise behavior, knowing Your mind and obeying Your ways.  May I be perceived right and just, being able to render Your judgment upon matters for myself and others – enabling straight paths on the narrow way.  Your rules and governors prevent delusion.  May I be skilled in wise strategies in the things that ‘war against my soul.'”  (a reference to 1 Peter 2:11)  – in praise and thankfulness for Your Son, and in His Name  –  so be it!



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PROVERBS – A Wise Foundation


The Reasons to Read a Chapter a Day

 The word, “proverb” means “to rule,” (Gen. 1:18; 3:16, etc.) so- I wrote out the meaning like this:

 A collection of Divine rulers and governors for my life now for the purpose of obeying and studying so as to rule and reign with Christ for 1,000 years.  There is no other reason in the Bible for me to rule now, in this age.  It already has its rulers and governors assigned and working under their “god.”  When the “King of kings” comes, He will need qualified kings and lords under Him.

 God is “up front” with His reasons why we need to devour this book, yea, even all of the 66 books.  Below will be verses 1-4a of chapter 1 with definitions of the underlined words.  There is no attempt to include Strong’s numbers or the other sources I used.  E-Sword was my study program.   

Pr 1:1-4a:

 The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel:

 To know wisdom and instruction,

 To discern the sayings of understanding,

 To receive instruction in wise behavior, Righteousness, justice and equity;

 To give prudence to the naive, (NAS)

 Verse 1 note:

 This is wisdom pertaining to Solomon (a prince and a king – the son of a king).  Solomon inquired of God – and received – this wisdom.

 Verse 2 definitions:

“Know” = discern

“Wisdom” = skill in war, wisdom in administration

“Instruction” = discipline, correction, chastening

“Discern” = perceive, distinguish, to separate mentally

“Sayings” = to bring forth to light

“Understanding” = the act, the faculty of putting together

 Verse 3 definitions:

“Receive” = seize, lay hold of

“Instruction” = chastisement, warning

“Wise behavior” = “wisdom” in the KJV, but is a different word than in verse 2.  Wise behavior,                circumspect intelligence, is better translation.

“Righteousness” = to be justified, to be in the right

“Justice” = hearing a case and rendering a proper judgment—–can also mean the “right” belonging to someone

“Equity” = evenness, to make straight

 Verse 4a definitions:

“Give” = grant, appoint

“Prudence” = strategy, discreet (“subtlety” in KJV)

“Naïve” = open minded, easily deluded (“simple” in KJV)

 Insert these definitions into the verses.  Write out a discernable, understandable instruction from each.  Then be like Solomon, having only one request of the Lord, BEG for wisdom as you study His Word.  Put this study together with James 1.  YOUR STUDY TIME IS SHORT!  Redeem it!


1Co 3:18 (ESV)Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you thinks that he is wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise.


1Co 3:19 (ESV)For the wisdom of this world is folly with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their craftiness,”





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