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A precious theme we will encounter in September will be concerning the priest  and the priestly role of our present High Priest.  List every time you come across “priest” in Hebrews and put a short statement of what it says at that point.  Then look up and study the priesthood in the Old Testament.  Compare the two studies.

(A reminder for you perfectionists out there – please try not to make this more difficult than it sounds.  Relax, and see what you can discover.  If you have no computer, your reference Bible will be a big help.)

Making this more difficult than it sounds is my job!!  🙂

Remember to whom Hebrews is written in 3:1 – “holy brethren,” partakers of a heavenly calling.”  These are the ones who can claim the High Priest of our confession.

The Israelites in the wilderness needed the priesthood; we need our Great High Priest for our “wilderness” journey now.

Have fun in the Word!!


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