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The trouble with old habits…and owls…

So, Mary, how did your new schedule go today?

Glad you asked…..LOVED it….until after lunch…..when….it was nap time in the olden days.  Awww….I gave in… on my book, dozed, dog barked, read some more, dozed, phone rang, didn’t answer, read again, dozed some more….up and chipper as ever!

Naps were never really much nap around here anyway.  Our dog, Rusty, loves to bark if a neighbor shuts a door, or if he even thinks there is a brown truck on the street.  He hates brown trucks and the mail truck.  In other words, he sees no need to let his ears go to sleep.

Now, the good part:  Hoot and Hooter were back……taking two baths each…..sitting on the shallow blue plate – which is for the small birds – and smooching.  Yep, in front of God and…  They preened on each other, pulling feathers, and saying,  “scratch here, behind my ears.”  I was enthralled.  They stayed for about an hour and half.  I prayed with eyes wide open, and read Bible verses glancing up often, thanking God for putting on such a show just for little ole me.  Truly thankful! A perfect worship service.


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