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Chapter Titles in Hebrews

Chapter titles:

Chapter 1 –

  • The Importance of the Resurrection
  • The Son appointed heir as firstborn
  • Angels minister to beneficiaries of an inherited salvation

Chapter 2 –

  • The Son perfected through suffering to be made like His brethren
  • A change in government
  • Inheritors are freed from the fear of death
  • Turn your attention to things pertaining to the inheritance

Chapter 3 –

  • Christ, faithful as a servant over His house
  • Brethren set apart for companionship in the heavenly calling
  • Carefully understand and perceive clearly our Apostle and High Priest

Chapter 4 –

  • The Son is High Priest
  • A Sabbath rest for the people of God
  • Fear coming short of the promise

Chapter 5 –

  • The Son brought to the goal of resurrection
  • God provides high priest for people of God (4:9; 8:10; 11:25)
  • Deeper knowledge of Christ required to digest solid food

Chapter 6 –

  • The Son, having entered behind the veil, provides hope
  • Faith and patience inherit the promises
  • Press on to maturity

Chapter 7 –

  • The Son inherits Melchizedek’s perpetual priesthood
  • Complete salvation available through high priest
  • Jesus – the guarantee of a new covenant

Chapter 8 –

  • The Son obtained a better covenant
  • The high priest of a better covenant
  • New covenant makes first one obsolete

Chapter 9 –

  • The Son obtained redemption for the age
  • High priest’s death and blood established new covenant
  • Blood cleanses our conscience

Chapter 10 –

  • The Son sanctifies by the blood of the covenant
  • Purpose of Christ’s sacrifice to make us holy
  • Invited into the most holy place

Chapter 11 –

  • Participation in the Son’s inheritance is through faith
  • Faith saves our souls (life)
  • Without faith it is impossible to please God

Chapter 12 –

  • Child-training enables sharing the Son’s holiness
  • Discipline in faith produces Godliness and righteousness
  • The word of encouragement (see Prov. 6:23b) addresses sons

Chapter 13 –

  • The Son is the Great Shepherd of the sheep
  • Exhortation not to be persuaded by strange doctrines
  • Never forsaken! No, not ever! By no means! Nevermore!

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