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First thing I did this morning……

……was set the clocks forward one hour.  No use waiting until bed time.  When you get to be 71, you will understand that the old brain needs longer to adjust to new things….new hunger times, new grooming times, new bedtimes.

When you get older you will understand that it takes longer to develop new habits.  I wish we could just live by the clock that God gave us – the sun.  My grandmother Duggan did.  Went to bed at sundown, up at dawn – even after she moved off the farm.  Wonder if that is the reason she lived to 95?  She believed in getting plenty of sleep.

Of course, she never went to the doctor or the hospital (“they would kill you”), and never took any medicines off the shelf.  When she felt bad, she went to bed – even in the day time.

Hmmm…..time for a nap!


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