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Those flaps on each side of our head…………..

A Reblog that will be pertinent to our upcoming study n Hebrews…

Searchfortreasure's Blog

My dad used to say that if one looked at his head from behind, that he looked like a taxi cab with both doors open.  Well, I have his photo right before me and I must add to his explanation that from the front/side view, both doors are still open! 

The Daily Light evening reading caught my eye this morning:  “The ear tests words as the palate tastes food.” (Job 34:3 NKJ)

This past Sunday I began hollering at my husband and it exhausted me.  I repeated almost every sentence over and over.  Every once in a while I would giggle and say, “Is this going to be what its like when we get old!”  Yikes!  We are old.  By Monday, I was worn out and he was frustrated, too.  So, in the evening, we put warm oil into his ears and he washed them out on Tuesday morning.   I ask…

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