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LBS 9/03/13, part 3…

On the whiteboard, I had written many key words from Hebrews…..see photo insert.  We agreed that those of us attending pretty much had a previous overview of this book.  We knew there were warnings, the hallmark of faith chapter, and even passages hard to understand and often mistranslated.  We had – in past sessions – pretty well covered the first chapter and the first few verses from chapter two.  SO – here we are and where do we begin?

Chapter 13, of course.  An author will usually summarize – wrap up, so to speak – at the end of the book.  Let’s see what we can observe, allowing for the knowledge we already bring to this study.  Will there be any surprises in this summation?

On our printout of the 13th chapter, we marked two things – well, just one actually – the people mentioned.  Surely there would be clues here that the Author wanted us to observe and know for a certainty as He summed up His discourse.  We marked the references to people, including personal pronouns, and we marked references to “God,” Jesus Christ,” and personal pronouns concerning Him.  We also read, aloud, and together, verse 5 from the King James and New American Standard versions.

One of the observations that caused me to pause and calmly think upon was, “Let the marriage bed be undefiled…”  HUH!  After all the doctrine, warnings of losses, and exhortations towards faith, the Author has a short, concise,  warning concerning sex.  Why?

Is it that there is one major theme from beginning to the end of the Bible – a type, anti-type, illustration from Adam and Eve to the very end – “The Spirit and the bride, say, ‘come?'”  Christ and His bride is to be a pure, holy, respectful relationship and this is best lived out in the picture of our physical married lives as man and woman, here, on earth, now.  (And, I was also reminded of that Holy book , the Song of Solomon, in the Old Testament.)

The book of Hebrews begins with angels and ends with entertaining strangers because we could be unaware that they are angels.  Leaders, who lead us into and through the Word, are mentioned several times in this one chapter.  Prisoners….

Well, you print out your own copy of chapter 13, and do this exercise for yourself.  My purpose was to help you become careful observers of every word, to read slowly and purposefully, and learn to meditate upon your observations.  I have the belief that a fat, old lady, situated on a dead-end street, can open her Bible and read and understand without any other helps from human sources, the precious Word of God.  The Bible is its own dictionary and commentary.  Enjoy.  Hear. Receive. Obey.  Most of all, Love HIM.



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