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More observations from Hebrews 13…

I asked you on August 13th to mark instructions, commands, etc. in chapter 13.  Here’s my list:  (NOTE:  Pay particular attention to the last one.  It reveals the inner motive in the heart of God for this epistle.)

  • love the brethren
  • show hospitality to strangers
  • remember prisoners
  • honor marriage
  • let your character be entirely dependent upon God
  • imitate faith
  • avoid strange teaching
  • be strengthened by grace
  • bear Christ’s reproach
  • seek the city to come
  • offer continually a sacrifice of praise to God
  • give thanks to his NAME
  • do not neglect doing good and sharing
  • obey your leaders, submit to those who keep watch over your souls
  • leaders are to do the above with joy
  • pray for one another
  • conduct ourselves honorably in all things
  • the author prays for us in verses 20-21
  • bear (“anecho” – hold up in high esteem) this word of exhortation (“paraklesis” – a calling near for an advocate, helper)

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