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God is making one new man – in Christ Jesus…

God is making one new man – a new creation – in Christ Jesus – a new Israel, the Israel of God.  (Not a replacement for the Israel that now is; but a “new” Israel of God, according to Galatians 6: 15-16.)  This new creation is neither Jew, nor Greek, nor slave, nor free, nor male, nor female.  It is an entirely new creation descending from Abraham, as father of the promised Seed, and the chosen (elect) are created “in Christ.”  This “new man” is created for the 7th Day with a New Jerusalem for its capital city.

This chosen new man is to live by the faith of Abraham with righteousness exceeding any righteousness man has attempted through Moses’ law.  The Law of Liberty replaces the law given to Moses.  The Law of Liberty contains the promise of the Father of the Holy Spirit enabling works emanating from faith – the ability to please God through hearing, obeying, and living His Word concerning the Kingdom of God to come.  The Law of Liberty promises an abundant life in the age to come.

The Spirit of the Promise is received through faith – believing God in the present tense.  The New Creation, New Man in Christ, is placed into the New Covenant which our Lord made with His disciples sharing His bread and blood.  The Promise has an inheritance in the age to come – rewards accumulating and being preserved at this very moment in the heavens.

This Promise is able to impart the kingdom life in the age to come.  The Law cannot.  One must be “in Christ” to receive this life.

Those “in Christ” are required not to turn back, nor desire the country from which they are being delivered.  They are born of the “freewoman” – a barren woman who cannot conceive on her own. The “Christ ones” are born through Promise, having no labor or their own works.  They are born according to the Spirit of Promise, being made co-heirs with Christ.

“Christ ones” are to make their calling and election sure and steadfast – never taking their eyes of faith from the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.  They are to receive the Spirit by the hearing of faith so as to bring their faith unto perfection (completion) like Abraham.  They need to be aware that they can fail of the grace of God, falling short of the Glory of God.  (It was the God of Glory who called Abraham.)

Those “under the law” cannot produce works out from faith – no justification.  They are unable to bring their faith to completion and they make the death of Christ needless.  There is no promised Seed under the law.  Christ came to confirm the promises made to the fathers and to fulfill the law.

The law was added to the Covenant of Promise to show how they were straying from the promise – the Eternal Covenant.  The law was not contrary to promise, but unable to impart life.  Everyone is under sin – but – the promise by faith in Jesus Christ is given to those believing, who no longer are under a tutor, but under the new law of liberty in Christ Jesus.

FYI:     Thayer Definition: “New” – G2537 -“kainos”

1a) as respects form – recently made, fresh, recent, unused, unworn

1b) as respects substance – of a new kind, unprecedented, novel, uncommon, unheard of


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  1. WOW! Very clearly explaining and rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

    Comment by Bob Patterson | March 11, 2013 | Reply

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