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My Dad was a Bigamist….

HA!  I knew that title would get your attention….and I will get to that in a minute.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I hope that my readers have been patient and longing and praying I would recover and begin again.  🙂  You see, my body has been angry at me again – my neck and thumb – both on my right side.  I am very much right handed – right bodied – because I am right sighted, being legally blind in my left eye.  I tried learning to use that little pad thingie on my laptop instead of a mouse to no avail.  But, my neck was the real stinker.  So – I studied some the old fashioned way – almost.  I still used my computer Bible study programs, but did not sit and type, making hand-written notes instead.  I liked that very much. 

I cried out unto the Lord for healing over and over.  He provided over and beyond my pleas.  I THANK HIM!

I have been under the care of a chiropractor that uses the Graston method.  It is based upon breaking up scar tissue and califications.  Here’s the URL for his office and you can do some clicking and reading about this method.  I highly recommend Dr. Wheatcroft.  He is a fine young man with a heart to please the Lord.

Now – what you have been reading for:  We celebrated our 50th anniversary early this past Saturday.  Our Lenoir City Kids provided a quiet table at Big River Grill – and with a gluten-free chocolate cake!!   I began telling stories and my dad’s proposal to my mom came to mind.  When he asked her to marry him, she said that he would be also marrying her mother, also.  Grandmother lived with them – us – until I was a teenager.  At times it was a tumultous household – “State of being loud, excited, emotional.”  My grandmother was an angry woman, beating her fist loudly into the palm of her other hand – talking and screaming to herself and to mom and dad.  Somehow, I still loved her dearly, even when hiding from her in our closet.  She wrote poems and hymns on good days.  Dad was the peacekeeper.

Well, Martha and I continued to tell stories, filling in each other’s blanks. 

It was a lovely evening.  Attention to every detail of my likes and dislikes was the theme of the party.  It was evident that David, Aprell, and Mildred, Joy and Martha, had my heart’s desire as their theme. 

I may post more later —-


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