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Tales of a Spider and Bonhoeffer…..

There will be an early fall season!  Yep, sure ‘nuff, we had a huge spider web in the kitchen this morning.  The spider was up all night weaving his masterpiece of which I cleaned up the bottom half for him as I cam moseying through the kitchen this morning.  Off we went to the doctor’s office at 8:30.  Home again at 12:30.  He had been taking advantage of our absence to rebuild and, again, I was the first one to clear the way for Bob.  Bob thrashed around in the air, aiming to clean it up again.  I sit down at the counter we call, “the hole in the wall” and what drops beside me from the ceiling….just call me “little miss muffett.”  I thrash around and come up empty handed.  He must have scampered back up out of my way so that we can begin again tomorrow morning.

Here is what we are listening to at mealtimes: 

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas and Timothy J. Keller (Hardcover – Apr 20, 2010)

It is 22 ½ hours long and we are now half way.  It is on my Kindle.  We know more about Hitler than ever we had dreamed to know.  We also know about the church in Germany at the time.  It was an arm of the government and pastors were paid from the government which meant most difficult times for those who desired to break away and join the “Confessing Church” movement.

I highly recommend it.  I can copy it to cds as we can download it to three different devices.  It does not record in mp3 format; so, it takes a while.  I may do this to loan out.  It is a great way to digest a book with strange, foreign names.


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