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A “no show” and stinging words…..

Journal, 05.04.2012 Friday

Bob found a bird call site on the internet yesterday and brought his laptop out to the porch to summon the Scarlet Tanager. He also clicked and played every specie he could think of seeing in our yard. Scarlet did not come; and, all the sounds began sounding like one another. We did have quite an orchestra from the live birds, however, and decided we would just learn bird calls by porch sitting and listening.

I’m here this morning to be alone with my Lord. Sitting quietly in His Presence and His Word. This is a habit, but this morning I am stinging a little bit from three different occasions when the Lord sought to humble me by hurtful words from those I love. I always go to HIM – the One Who will work in me as I work out my salvation. (See Philippians 2:12b) I do not consider these happenings as an attack from satan. It doesn’t matter the earthly source, My Lord gave His permission for each instance. “Speak, Lord, for Thy servant (slave) heareth.”

Sometimes I deserve the cutting remarks; so, I begin there in judging myself. These three were unprovoked; so I lay each one at His feet, as a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. They are His. He will lead me and teach me from each instance His thoughts and plans for me.

The first – always – is a lesson in humility. And, looks like even into my old age, he will work that one in me over and over. It is in humility that the Word of the Kingdom will take root and bear fruit. (See James 1:21b)

Thank you, Father.


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  1. Thanks for letting me sit with you for a minute there. I’ll keep these thoughts in mind.

    Comment by Nancy Guth | May 6, 2012 | Reply

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