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Journal, Thursday, 05.03.2012

No trucks – so far – this morning. Yesterday’s was the EPB working on putting in a relay switch on a pole. It all pertains to the digital network they are completing in our area. We have had a digital house meter for quite a while now – can be read downtown, or wherever.

Quiet now, except for the birds and I so love the birds. Right now there is a woodpecker – Downy – having a good breakfast drink at one of the humming bird feeders. I saw humming birds a couple weeks ago, Bob put up feeders, and haven’t seen one since. They will come. This little jungle that Bob made for me has 5. We are expecting an army.

But, Tuesday, was awe-inspiring when a Scarlet Tanager came in for a landing on the bird bath and commenced bathing. I gasped. He took my breath away. Beautiful red body with black wings and tail feathers.

Whenever I have a new bird, I only stare, attempting to identify and memorize its, size, wings, type of tail feathers, beak, and head shape – and color. When he left, I got out the books and identified him easily. He came a little later for just a drink and confirmed once again his identity. God decided that Bob would have to get a glimpse another time because this show was only for me.

I come to this garden with Him and He walks with me and He talks with me and tells me I am His own – and sends a new species of bird every now and then for sweet encouragement. Praise Him! 


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