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Trucks, chainsaws, and chewing the cud…

 Wednesday, May 2, 2012 – journal

This morning’s bird choruses are intermingled with the sounds of air brakes, beeping warnings as trucks are in reverse, and loud motors. Orange, blue and white lines have been painted on our street for several weeks and we all knew that meant our street was scheduled to be broken up to repair and extend gas lines. All the commotion will provide Rusty with plenty of barking opportunities. At least we will like that part – he will wear himself out and take exhaustive naps.

We live last on a dead-end street, so we will have to run the gauntlet from beginning to end every time we leave the house. It’s the noise that bothers me the most. And, that may not be what it is at all. Bob will fill me in when he gets back from walking Rusty. We often have trucks interrupt our little piece of country living in the city.

I have been “chewing the cud” this week, reminding myself of what I know for sure, meditating upon it, and praising and thanking the Lord for His Word. He put in me a burning desire to be approved by Him through studying His Word.

(Chain saw interruption!)

Let me put another 2009 post here for you. I will be praying a lot.

A friend and I are meditating upon, studying, and chewing the cud of the book of James in the New Testament. It was the first epistle written to a particular group of people whom he calls “brethren” 19 times in 5 chapters. (You can read down in my blogs to learn the significance of the word “brethren.”) And, why did I use the term “chewing the cud?” My friend reminded me of it yesterday. The cow was a “clean” animal in God’s instructions to the Jews. Cows can be observed grazing, and then standing or lying down as they chew the cud. They bring back up what they had grazed and chew it again. This is an excellent method of Bible study! Approaching the Throne of Grace (and all that means), utilizing 1 John 1:9 (confessing and applying the blood for cleansing), and washing in the water of the Word, we can graze in James by reading all of it in one sitting and “chew the cud” as we dust, prepare meals for our family, vacuum, etc. Ahhhhh….the blessings awaiting the mom/wife who “keeps” the home. She does not fill up God’s gift of time with anything that crowds out or hinders her high calling.

We have just begun our adventure in James. Wanna’ come along? Read it through (in a clean, unmarked Bible, if you can – I can’t!) in one sitting several times. Do this until the main themes begin to become apparent. Read chapter 1 and skip to chapter 5. This gives you the opening statements and the summary statements. How do they compare/differ? During this phase, I read different translations. Caution here. I have many Bibles and translations available to me and I still only use a few: New American Standard is my reading Bible of choice. It is a “rhema” type of translation. (Click on “rhema” in the right column of this blog if you need the definition of “rhema.”) A word for word translation, also, is the King James Version. The New International version is a thought for thought version – see “logos” in margin. Read the Amplified, Vincent, Vine’s or Young’s literal translation. Yet, I am not sure you need to do this at all. It’s just me. So, read the KJV or NAS all the way through James – often.

Now, the fun part! Get out your colored pencils. Choose different colors for different themes. For instance: when I look at chapter two, “faith” or “believe” pops out in red. Chapter one, has the word, “hear,” done this way; chapter three, “wise,” “wisdom” pop out. And, chapter four, “humble.”

Enough – already! I’ll bring ya’ll along every now and then in our study. Expect interruptions! The world, the flesh, and the devil do not want you to study to be approved by God – the alternative: no study, no approval.



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