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Romans 10:17 – again

 April 30th, 2012, Monday – I can once again move out to our little screened porch. The pollen had been so strong that it ran me back inside for a couple of weeks. Bob has filled the bird baths and there are some happy birds entertaining me. He is now watering the blueberries. It will take at least an hour – or more – so, I will wash clothes later. Fine with me. Mornings are the best out here and my chores do not bother me here. The blueberries take priority. They are abundantly covered in berries and are promising a very good harvest if Bob and the weather work together.

As I was setting up, my Bible fell open to Daniel, chapter 4, and I have been reading the chapters backwards to chapter 1. I’ve told you about reading verses backwards for a fuller, better understanding. Romans 10:17 is one of my favorites. I did a word study – especially the prepositions. Romans 10:17 “So faith [comes] from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” (NAS) After some word studies, I make notes and the verse reads: “Then, the faith out of hearing, and the hearing through the word (“rhema”) concerning Christ.” There is no verb in this verse and has to be supplied in English.

Then, I wrote my paraphrase frontwards: “The immediate origin of the faith that pleases God comes out from the act of hearing – and – the act of hearing comes through the means of specific word concerning Christ (the Messiah).”

Backwards: “The word pertaining to and concerning Christ (His title in the coming kingdom age) – through the act of hearing – produces the faith that pleases God.”

Here’s the version of this verse that I wrote in 2009. It also tells of an interesting event in our lives:



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