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Ladies Bible Study Review Notes, part 6…


Monday April 16th part 6…


Next, we took a closer look at verse 14, from the 1st chapter: Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation? (NASB)


“Ministering spirits” is another reference to angels and their “duties.” “Ministering” in the Old Testament referred to the priests and Levites. “Render service” is translated “minister” in the King James Bible, but, actually is a different Greek word meaning, “render service.” At any rate, “ministering” and rendering “service” were duties of the priests and Levites. Now it would come in handy for us to have mastered a study in these Old Testament duties because that is the O. T. type used in this verse to explain what and how the angels are ministering to those who will “inherit” (verb in the present active tense) salvation. Let me put it in a nutshell – God, through His Son, and angels, is providing EVERYTHING and EVERY WAY we need for our present race of faith for the purpose of inheriting an abundant salvation in the age to come.


SELAH – pause and calmly think upon this. Thank you, Father!


It is becoming clear that if you miss the actual classes for this study, you miss a lot. It is common for the Lord to remind us of companion verses and Scriptures along the way – and off we go. The class is open for comments, questions, and feed-back. I’m attempting to type this from memory and the scant notes I made.


At some point, I started to begin each class with the Scripture: Proverbs 14:12 ¶ There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.


We MUST live with the end in view. Faith demands it. Living in faith is always concerning things to come. Keeping in mind what comes next – the 1,000 year reign of our Lord and our participation in it – or not – will help us discern between what “seems right” and what IS right. “Seems right” usually has to do with the “traditions of men” and their teachings. We desire life in the age to come, instead of death – non participation. FAIR WARNING!


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