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Review of Ladies Bible Study, part 1…

Review of Ladies Bible study

We began in Hebrews 1 through 2:3. Read it again all the way through.

And, then, we began making observations, noting themes, asking questions – like why, who, what, where, and when. We did one lesson concerning time – how to mark time – how to fit time into its rightful place in God’s time line.

Also to “study” chapter one, we began with the first word of chapter two: “dia” – “Therefore” in KJV and “For this reason” in NASB. It is used 667 times in the New Testament, #1223 – the channel of an act; through; any cause by means of which an action passes to its accomplishment.

When we put our understanding of the word, “dia,” with the last phrase of chapter one – the “inherited salvation,” we understand the intensity of the warning in verse one of chapter two. The inherited salvation comes through the conduit of hearing and we MUST pay closer attention – “give the more earnest heed” (KJV) – to it. WHY? Because “we can drift away from it!” – which, in turn, will cause us to fail to accomplish the “so great salvation.”

Slip,” “drift away,” is “pararrhueo” – a compound word, “by” and “flow.” Thayer: “to glide by: lest we be carried by, pass by;” and Thayer went on to say: “lest the salvation which these things heard show us how to obtain, slip away from us.” I like that definition! And, a couple more I found: “a thing escapes me and slips my mind.”

That’s the importance of obtaining salvation – being ever mindful to investigate and study this salvation, not letting one iota escape our attention. Our future 1,000 years depend upon it!


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