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Who Was Lying in the Manger?

Who was lying in the manger?

From Matthew’s account:

  • Jesus, the Christ
  • The Son of David
  • The Son of Abraham
  • Conceived of the Holy Spirit
  • Called Jesus – who will save His people from their sins
  • IMMANUEL – “God with us.”
  • Born King of the Jews
  • Ruler, Who will shepherd His people, Israel

From Mark’s account:

  • The Son of God
  • LORD
  • Beloved Son
  • Preacher of the kingdom of God
  • The Holy One of God

From Luke’s account:

  • Son of the Most High, to be given the throne of David
  • The King with a never ending kingdom
  • The Son of God
  • A horn of salvation, in the house of David, His servant
  • Deliverer from the hand of our enemies

From John’s account:

  • The Word
  • The Life
  • The Light
  • The True Light
  • The Only Begotten of the Father
  • Jesus, the Christ
  • The Lamb of God
  • The Son of God
  • Rabbi (Teacher)
  • The Messiah
  • Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph
  • King of Israel
  • Son of man
  • The Word of Life
  • Who is to come! – again

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