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Since November 14th, Bob has had cataract surgery on both eyes. We had not realized that there would be so many doctor appointments after each of the surgeries – which were only two weeks apart. The second one was on November 28th and we still have appointments on the books for his eyes, appointments concerning our feet, and pot-luck Christmas celebrations at church and another with family and friends.

Other “happenings” have been surprising – like a new flat-screen HD tv where a mirror used to be in our den. We had an old, bulky, “out-of-the-way” tv in a back room – on purpose. T. V. was not going to be an “altar to the god of the airways” in any everyday living room – however, I had been heard to say, “that now that tvs were flat and black that hanging where an unused antique mirror had been would be an option to consider if we could afford one. And, it would be nice to see the scores and stats on the screen when watching football.” We couldn’t and didn’t. Until black Friday. I was so totally caught off guard that I was speechless. (I know you do not believe that!) Our kids bought and installed one for us. However, the room had furniture to be rearranged and cords to hide. Yesterday, I made my peace with that room.

We have watched a lot of programs. PBS – “The Fabric of the Universe”. Old movies. We have Amazon Prime on the new DVD Blueray player they bought us, so we have the internet to watch on it. We can choose what we want to see, when we want to see it. Now, may of you have such, but, this is new to us. We do not have HD service with Comcast and the regular programs are a little distorted, but, they were on the old set, also. The remote helps us with different sizes of pictures, and we choose the best one for the program. Even channels broadcast differently – some with very little distortion. HD costs too much a month and we do not watch tv very much, anyway. We like to choose other methods to view and this system lets us and we are enjoying it. The newness will wear off soon and Bob’s eyes will settle down in a couple of months and our reading will continue.

Oh, me – I am so wordy – but I have received another Christmas present already – KINDLE FIRE from our CO kids. I am learning to use it. I can sit in the den with Bob and his laptop, with my Fire I can pull up Blue Letter Bible and research and study with him. I can also watch tv programs online as well as movies. I can check my emails from out there and send, also. I can read my books in living color. It is perfect for me and the lifestyle I want to lead. I love these new electronic devises! We do not need iphone4, ipads, or such like. We just do not leave our “vacation” home for anything but doctor appointments and church, and sometimes, for groceries.

I am so content!!


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