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What in the world is the “Black Widow” game?

Conversations with my GRANDDaughter, part 30….

 This is the way I closed our last “conversation:”

So, living in the country was good for Martha, as well as for me. It is at the “Cramer’s Incline” house where all the good memories begin.”

It may have been good for me – but, for Martha – that’s up for grabs and that thing about how I did not resent Martha’s intrusion into our family – well, that’s true, but I made up for it out there in the country. Our four years apart was apparent. When I was ready to keep my paper dolls neat, she was the age to tear them to pieces. We shared a room and I am sure she could tell you some vivid, horrid stories about me. But, the way I remember it, I was a sweet sister! 🙂

She tells me that when we got off the school bus (which was quite a ways from our house) that I made her carry my clarinet by telling her that mama would whip her if she didn’t carry it. I was convincing. She did. And, I have no recollection of this at all! Funny thing about memory – ——-

Playing in the woods was our favorite summertime fun. Fun, for me, that is. When we played with my favorite cousin who was only 1 year younger than me, Martha had to be the cop, we were the robbers that she never caught. Older is wiser. Same with cowboys and Indians. And, I do not recall that she ever got to play “Black Widow” with us. This was a “game” that Judy invented, as I recall. We dug out a throne in the side of a wooded bank down at the bar-b-que pit; and I think that the rules were always changing and Martha never figured it out.

When we cleared out for our “houses” among the trees, Martha had to do hers alone, away from ours.

So – I thought I had better set the record straight because ya’ll might get confused how that Martha is the mean one and I am sweet!


September 9, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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