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Let the New Year begin!!

The day after labor day has been the first day of my new year since our children started school. It was the first day that I could arrange my chores around Bible study. All of August would find me making notes and suggestions to myself for organizing my “new year.” I still do this.

Bob went to Colorado for 8 nights and 9 days in August and I had high hopes in staying home. Interruptions bother me more than ever in my old age. If my thoughts get stalled out by interruptions, it is more difficult to find my place again. The dog, however, was all my responsibility while Bob was away. I had not anticipated how much this 13 pound thing would demand my attention.

Today, Bob will go to his new job – a custodial position at a dance studio. It will only take 2 hours a day on three days a week; but, he will be able to do our errand list as he will be close to Costco and Walmart. I will attempt to arrange my studying around his schedule.

I just reread the above – boring!! When did the world begin putting their lives on the satellite in the sky! Let me put something much more relevant up here:   —–this was written in 1876



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