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The “show” the Lord put on for me……

Conversations with my GRANDDaughter, part 23…
Today (yesterday now) is your first day in uniform for work at Chick-fil-A. I get dressed and head out to the screened porch to pray that you will learn swiftly – that’s actually a given – that you not be self-conscious – that you would ask for help if you needed it, and, “Father, let her know how much I love her.”
It is after 12 noon.
As I settle in, turn the fan on high, I say aloud, “Now, Father, what kind of show will you put on for me today?”
Begin praying – eyes open – don’t want to miss any antics of the birds.
Hear a noise in the ivy over toward the woods to my left.
A little raccoon appears. Ah ha! I stand up for a better look because I need to know if this critter has been staying under our porch and is just late getting home.
Hear another rustling – his brother – or sister – follows. Two of this spring’s brood, I am sure.
The first one has come across the porch and off the other side. He is trying to figure out how to get into the hummingbird feeder that is on the ground. He cries! Just like Rusty cries when we leave him home. He must have been frustrated that nothing is in it. Meanwhile, number two is in the gravel path picking up little pebbles to lick the water off them. He spits them out and goes through a lot of them. Number one joins him. They are just two or three steps away from the concrete bird bath. Seems to me, as resourceful as racoons can be, they would have tried to get water from it; but, they are young.
They join up and head around the path to the old roadbed on the other side of our yard. Out of my site. No interest in going under our porch. Racoons are not necessarily nocturnal. They have learned that night time hunts are more productive, however.
Sit back down. Two hummingbirds are chasing one another from the three feeders. I try to tell them, that they are using their calories insufficiently. There are three feeders with four portals each, with only two hummers out there. Go figure.
Two brown thrashers decide to drink from the concrete bath. One decides to take a bath. Meanwhile, four teeny tiny chickadees are all over the suet hanging from the corner of the porch, and so help me, they are acting like the hummingbirds.
What fun! – for me, at least.


July 29, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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