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My junior and senior years in high school were spent in the principal’s office – naw, but, I did get called to the office a few times.
I was a member of the Future Teachers of America Club, the Bible club (played piano), the Beta Club, band in junior year, and whatever else. I had wanted to be nothing but a school teacher since first grade. I was a “teacher’s favorite” in every grade in school, except 2nd grade. Teachers were in our home at least once a year for a lunch or dinner meal. They were friends, not just my teachers. My grandmother had been a teacher and I had relatives who were teachers, superintendent of schools, and even a history writer for the US of A. I played school with my dolls, cats, and even bugs. And – I wanted to be an old-maid school teacher at that. But, I’ve got too many potential stories going at once, here. Let me back up to being called to the office in high school.
Mr. Hinds, our principal, would call me to his office when a teacher had to go home unexpectedly or even first thing in the morning when a substitute couldn’t be found. I would be sent to an elementary or junior high school.
The first grade was the best. Keep in mind that there was no kindergarten back then, so first grade was the student’s first experience at school – and it was all day. I got love notes off and on all day. They had learned to write “I love you” and other short sentences and thought I was the greatest. I did not have an “unruly” class; however, I did come upon a couple of boys having a fight. Actually, someone came and got me – “Oh, Miss Cramer, Johnny and Michael are having a fight! Hurry.”
“Yes, I see.”
Walk over slowly.
They quit fighting.
I say, “Oh, don’t stop because of me. Go ahead, finish your fight.”
Nothing happens.
More encouragement from me.
“Naw, it’s no fun anymore.”
Fight over.
There is no way this could be done today. The two guys would probably try to kill each other; but, “in my day,” the whole attitude and structure of school and teachers were respected – even a 16 year old “teacher.”
I was sent to the 5th grade, also. This class was not unruly. I was respected. Now, that’s not to say that they didn’t try to trick me with longer recesses and earlier lunch times. Seventh grade was the same. Just think, I was only a few years older than they. I was not afraid of being stabbed, shot, or grabbed. Never entered my mind. I had the same class all day and cannot recall any fear or dread.
I substituted back in the 80’s and did fear and dread. Teachers did not have lesson plans (except my sister!). I got to where I packed my own book bag with lessons and ideas of my own because the teachers were unprepared for a substitute.
You are a teacher! I know it. You do not have to teach in public schools – please don’t, not recommended from my point of view. You teach every day, Sarah – even now. You teach your riders at the ranch – you are already certified! You teach Sunday School. You teach every friend you have just by the way you speak and live. But, you are special. You are a special teacher! “It’s in your blood-line.”


July 25, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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  1. i, too, spent time in the office. Never got paddled but that’s a wonder.

    Comment by Bobberd | July 25, 2011 | Reply

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