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The Thousand Dollar Fur Piece…

 Conversations with my GRANDdaughter, part 18…

I just gotta’ tell you about that 50-cent fur piece. I don’t know how long it was after we got home, that I opened up my fur piece to view it better and to decide what to do with it. When I did, I showed it to mama and something told her to take it from me, until later. When all the way unfolded, it looked much like a mink stole. It was not lined, but it draped around my shoulders just so. Burchay’s was a well-known furrier here in Chattanooga – so, off she went with our bargain. It was appraised at several thousand dollars – or was it several hundred dollars?! I just hate not to take the opportunity to embellish my stories. She had them put in a lining and proper clasp. It was ready to wear to the Junior/Senior prom.

Isn’t it rather warm weather for the prom, you ask? Yep – but not when you are as skinny as a string bean and want to hide your clavicles.

Back to New Hampshire – mama followed signs to an auction out in the back roads of Vermont being held at a rather stately looking house in disrepair. The yard was already filled with people and we were the last to arrive and were way in the back of the crowd; but, mama had her eyes peeled for a bargain. The auctioneer held up a black lamp with – completely black – with a glass shade – all black. That’s all the audience was told. Mom poked me in the ribs and said, “Bid a quarter.”


Another poke – “Bid a quarter,” she demanded.

(“If she wanted that awful-looking thing, why didn’t she bid?” Those were my thoughts that never made it into spoken words. I knew better.)

Twenty-five cents,” I timidly said.

A guy over to my left cried out, “Fifty cents!”

Another sharp elbow to my ribs told me to bid seventy-five cents.

I did. It was sold! Mama got the lamp.

She had me bid on a cardboard box of “stuff” that did not render anything worth saving. But that lamp –

That lamp’s base was beautiful brass when cleaned and the domed shade held 6 panes of green glass. Inside was a number that mama said made it a Tiffany lamp. We don’t know that because she loved it and kept it in a well-seen place in our home. I have it now. After all, I won it at the auction. 🙂

Well, it’s Friday, and I still have more “16” stories. It is good to remember, because I am finding out that my parents were humorous and witty. I notice my contentment more than my temper operating in the dynamics of our home. It was the good ole times. Mama could make one dollar spend as three dollars. On vacations, we only ate out once a day and had sandwiches and snacks – FRUIT – the rest of the day. We were not on the hunt to eat at the “best” places, we were on the hunt for bargains and fruit; and, I realize it was great fun. We sang – no cds. We held fruit in our hands instead of a game or phone device. We watched the world go by through open car windows, never on a screen held in our hands – and never distressed over our hairdo. We had no “Garmin” or “Tom Tom,” and loved getting lost because we might find an out-of-the-way auction on the back roads. We always found interesting folks to help us.

Thank you for your question, “What was it like when you were 16?” More next week.





July 22, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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