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Mentioning the Junior/Senior prom yesterday reminded me of something else – vacations.

Mom felt it important to take summer vacations every year. So, she got out their will and made sure they were up to date, made two copies – one for safety deposit box and one for the glove compartment of the car – just in case we all got killed. (I am laughing so hard, cannot type. This didn’t seem odd to me at 16, I probably thought everyone did that. Perhaps, they do review their wills if flying to Ireland, but we were just going to Florida or New Hampshire.) And, why did I never worry about dying on these trips? Mom talked about it a LOT! She cried loudly as we left the cats, dog, and grandma behind. She might never see them again. True. Now, why did I come out from this unscathed? I didn’t catch the fear from her. Thank You, Father. Anyway, it was a part of my life that I thought was “normal.” I knew that about 50 miles out, the crying would stop and the peeling would begin.

We never had to worry about waiting to go to bathrooms. There were no Interstate highways. Mom had us stop at every fruit stand, pecan farm, and chenille bedspread display. Fruit! Fruit! Fruit! Mom believed you must eat a lot on vacation. Peaches! Oh, my – the mouth-watering peaches. In that glove box was a knife beside the will and the papers telling folks what to do with our full-of-fiber, healthy bodies when we died. She peeled apples, peaches, oranges, grapefruit. We ate our way to our destination and back. She would insist on bringing home the orchards. We, in the back seat, had to sit with our feet dangling out the windows because the floor was full of fruit – the trunk already bulging at the hinges. And, not once did mom tell us to “sit up straight for our posture.” Guess that didn’t count on vacations.

Sarah,” my dad would say, “we cannot get any more in the car!”

Oh, George, look at those peaches! STOP THE CAR!” I thought my daddy to be a magician. He always got the impossible room for more, usually at the peril of the back seat riders. We had crates of fruit under our feet and crates of fruit/green beans between us on the seat. I never thought to be ashamed of these behaviors. I thought we were “normal.”

The summers when I was 15, 16 and 17, we headed up to New Hampshire and our cargo took on another shape.

My dad was taking a home college course from Dartmouth College and had to go up to Hanover, New Hampshire for two weeks for three summers for tests. Happy Valley Farms paid for this. They agreed to pay for his flights up there and back; but mama had the fun idea of having him ask them if they would just give him the money and let him drive with his family. Agreed.

Daddy had to stay on campus, and we stayed at a boarding house and took day trips.

And what’s in New Hampshire and Vermont instead of peaches? Antiques and bargains! The summer I was going on 16 was memorial.

July 20, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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  1. And – come on tomorrow. You are the worlds best with a life story

    Comment by Bobberd | July 20, 2011 | Reply

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