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That old Chevy O’ mine did come in handy for drawing boys to my aid.

The big reason I needed a car was because of band practice. My band was the best in the Southeast – no kidding. We won numerous 1st place awards, traveling to Bristol and here locally. We did not do silly little formations of our mascot or spelling RHS on the field. We did difficult (for everyone but me!) precision maneuvers as we played (they played) classical Sousa for bands. I really could play a little, but I dearly loved the precision marching. Our uniforms were wool! But, I was so skinny I must have been comfortable.

My nickname at school was “string bean.” They said that I could stand under power lines when it rained and not get wet. They were right. I was so ashamed of my clavicle bones that stuck out, that mom had to make me a net shawl thingie to wear with my evening gown for the Junior/Senior prom. There’s a photo somewhere in the thousands around here of the thing. It’s also one of those photos with the fierce, dark eyebrows on my face. No wonder no one asked me out! But, I wouldn’t mind being that skinny again.

Anyway, about this boy-catcher car I had.

It didn’t like to start – which was essential for my getting home. No longer did my parents have to interrupt their work and schedules to come pick me up after band practice, which lasted until dark some times. And, I wasn’t about to call them when it didn’t start. You see, football practice was happening at the same time and boys just loved to show their muscles in being able to push my car until I felt it safe to let out on the clutch (you don’t even know what that is – ask John). The clutch would then catch the motor and the rumbling would begin and then I had my “ride” home. So – who cared that it wasn’t a sporty ride. Not me.

Gus Stone was one of those tall, strong football players. He did ask me out once or twice. I do remember him as a handsome, clean-cut guy, but I think he was crazy about another girl. I have seen some of these guys 50 years later – let me see, how should I put this – well, they don’t look any better than I do now. So there! Ya’ never know what you will be until you get there – well, we are there, and it ain’t purty.

I was not allowed to take any of my fellow students home, not even give them a short ride. I obeyed this rule. Even then, I knew it would be dangerous to have a car full that could lead to distractions for the driver. So, I drove alone – all without a radio, cassette player, or CD player – with just the familiar rattles of that old Chevy, humming right along.


July 19, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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