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My, that Chevy did fly!…

Conversations with my GRANDdaughter, part 14…

At 16, I could begin dating – “double” dating.

No one asked me. (Now, that’s important. Girls did not ask boys for a date. We wanted to make sure we were wanted. If we made the first move, then we would never really know if they were interested in our personalities. And, you surely do not want a boy who is weak with indecisiveness.) Which reminds me of mom’s cardinal rule about dating:

I must not date anyone I couldn’t marry. I had to be a college graduate and at least 20 years old – or was it 21.

Mom was wise to know that I would “fall in love” with someone I dated and we would eventually marry. The guy must be a believer, protestant in his basic beliefs – no, really, best if he is Baptist – a premillennial Baptist. (Hence, I must go to Carson-Newman College, but I was already accepted at the University of Georgia. – more some other time.)

There is only one author who has written books on “The Measure of a Man’ and “The Measure of a Woman” and others about dating, marriage, or remaining single that I recommend: Elisabeth Elliot. They are required reading for you. Here is a link to some online talks she has given to women:

Mystery of Sexuality” is the one I am listening to as we speak. Please take the time to read and listen. You will be glad for 80 years to come now, and in the age to come!

One of my best high school friends was Georgene, whom I called “George.” Her mother’s rule was that she could date doubles – with Mary Cramer. So, before George could date, she would have to get someone else for me. She would tell her date the rule and he and she would get someone for me. These were NOT “go park somewhere and smooch” dates – a movie, school function, Shoney’s. Shoney’s was the only eating place to go besides Krystal, and Krystal was not the first choice because if we stayed out long enough, the “gut-bombs” would go to work. There was a Shoney’s in Rossville, where the Hardee’s is now. It was a nice drive-in like Sonic, only with eat-in as they have now at Shoney’s. I always had the Big Boy burger. Hamburgers were my favorite food. I was nicknamed, by my parents, “Wimpy” after a cartoon character who loved hamburgers. When we went on vacations, there were no McDonald’s, Hardees, or such like. Only eat-in restaurants. I would not order eggs – only hamburgers. (I sound like you and your macaroni.)

My best friend at church was Linda. She was two years older than I and had a 57, green and white, Chevy convertible. (John would love one of those, I’m sure.)

Her mother had the same rule as George’s mother – double date with Mary. Same thing with me. No one asks.

There is a pattern here that I want you to see. My character and reputation was evident to grown-ups, as well as my peers. And, this is also true for you. I am thankful for your servant character, ability to converse with adults and the little kids at church and the ranch. You are rare among your peers, and I praise the Lord for you!

However! I wasn’t exactly perfect with Linda and her convertible. She had grandparents who lived on Sand Mountain. On Sundays, after church, Linda would put the top down and off we would go to – is it AL Hwy 51? -on top of Sand Mountain. I cannot remember the speed limit. We didn’t notice. Linda would open up that Chevy for all that it was worth and with our hair being pulled out by the roots in the wind, we hollered and sang all the way to about a mile from her grandparents’ house.

That highway was straight for miles and miles and I am sure we were not the only ones who lived through such a stunt. She never got a ticket, either. She deserved it. And, I never told my mom about this!



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