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Well, the US did get into what’s called World War II and my dad was drafted. Now, this part, I am not clear on – but here goes.

He was working at Combustion Engineering here in Chattanooga, when he was drafted. He was a hard worker as I told you and loved to fix things, so he invented something at his work that Combustion was still using until the day they closed. He never got a penny for it because when a person invents something on his job, the patent does not belong to the individual, it belongs to the company. What I am not sure of is that he may have been working at Happy Valley before the war, came home, and worked at Combustion for a year, and then went to Happy Valley. Doesn’t matter, really, in the “memory” bank of a four or five year old.

My sister, Martha, was born four years after I was – and there’s a story here, too. Dad was stationed New York state when I was around three. He got sick as soon as he got there and stayed in the sick bay almost the whole time he was there. He would double over in pain from his right side. It appeared to be appendicitis, but when he was x-rared, the doctors said he didn’t have an appendix.

My dad wrote his “heart heart” very often, drawing me pictures in between the paragraphs. I have them – just got to find them. I also have my ration stamp book. The government issued ration stamps for those things in short supply and mom kept these things until only a few years before she died. I cried so hard every time I would come across them or to show them to someone else, that I have put them away too well. No one will probably want them after I’m gone, but they are most precious to me.

Back to my sister – mom when up to New York to see dad. Enough said, actually. 🙂 We stayed in a little apartment that had a register in the floor that I could see and listen through. I got spanked for that. Daddy came to stay with us on weekends. Mom came home pregnant. We had taken the train up and back and mom was sitting by a young man on the way home who struck up a conversation with her. She tells him the baby she will have in a few months’ father was a sailor and my dad was the milkman.

Pause. You may have to contemplate the above statement for a moment.

My dad got an honorable discharge because of his illness and never shipped out from N. Y. Same pains hit him about 10 years later, and – walla! There was an appendix in there after all.


July 5, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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