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When the pianist fell off her bench…

Conversations with my GRANDdaughter…part 4…

 What was your first word and did ya’ll go to church?

 Ah, glad you asked those two questions together. They are related.

My parents were members of First Baptist Church of Rossville – not the church across from our house: Cedar Hill Baptist Church. I never knew why, but they could still walk to First Baptist, only about two blocks away. They were very fond of their pastor, E. B. Shivers. He was well studied in the Bible and believed every staff member and member in the pew should live righteous lives. One time it was discovered that the pianist was committing adultery. The pastor went to talk with her about repenting. She refused. Rev. Shivers then took 2 deacons with him to plead to her to repent. She refused, and kept playing the piano. So, one Sunday morning, Bro. Shivers got up and announced that he wanted the pianist removed from her position and from the church roll; and he proceeded to tell the congregation why. Well, that woman fell clean off her piano bench, got up and left. Mission accomplished – well, not all of it. We never knew if she repented or not.

My dad carried me to and from church in his arms. At dark, he would always show me the moon and call it by name. So, I did, too. “Moon,” my first word – begins with a difficult “mmm” sound that is not usually said by babies first. “D” sounds are easier to begin with. But, being the soon-to-be verbal child and adult, I began with one of the most difficult sounds first. My next word was even harder. It has a story with it.

Daddy called me his “sweetheart.” Every day, when he came home from work, he picked me up from the play pen, tossed me up in the air and said, “my sweetheart.” “S’s” are too difficult, but the “h” sound wasn’t. He was my “heart heart.” I don’t remember when I got so grown up that I dropped this title; but he will always be my “heart heart” – and you are the “girl of my heart,” Sarah!

Yes, we went to church at least three times a week. I loved it. One time, when allowed to sit with my friend about 5 rows in front of my mom, I decided to take the comb out of my little purse and proceed to comb my hair during the sermon. I just happened to look back and spied my mom with the scowl on her face that said it all – “You are going to get a whipping when you get home.” She always kept her word.

My dad was drafted into the Navy during World War II. Oops – need to back up!

The “earthly” reason I was conceived and born was that mother had a dream that our country would be going to war and daddy would be drafted. (Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941. Being born on August 30th the next year, meant that I was conceived later on that month.) So, she woke him up in the middle of the night and said, “Wake up, George, we are going to have a baby.” I heard this story many times as they told their friends. Dad goes on to say that trying to conceive me was fun at first, but got to be just plain ole work.

He was drafted. His name is carved in the monument at the First Baptist of Rossville with all the guys from Rossville who were drafted. Let’s go down there some time and color over his name and then frame it. You need to get to know this GREAT-grandfather of yours.


July 4, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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