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Conversations with my GRANDdaughter, part 2…

Grandma, where did you go to school?”

Well, where I went to 1st grade is gone – torn down. Where I continued in “grammar” school, burned to the ground. My junior high school has been torn down except the gym which was turned into a gym by the Church of Christ who built there. My high school is standing empty. Memories fill the halls. I have walked through those empty halls with some of my classmates, and let me tell you, we recalled those memories – including the teachers and their quirks and personalities. Great fun! Oh, I went to 2nd grade at South Rossville where the school still stands – as “senior” apartments. Hope I do not have to go back to 2nd grade in my second childhood!

Let me go back to 4802 13th Ave. for a moment. We didn’t move from there until after I finished first grade. The school was just across the side street next to Betty Taylor’s house. I knew I was the teacher’s favorite. When Mrs. Herd needed something that mom might have at home, I was asked to run home and get it. When the county came to test our eyes, I received a note to take home to my parents. To their surprise – and mine – I was blind in my left eye. I didn’t have “crossed” eyes, so there were no physical symptoms to warn them about amblyopia – or simply, “lazy eye.” And, it was too late to correct. I was hustled around to several doctors, and kept the same ophthalmologist until I went to college. There was no brain tumor, I just had to live with it. No need for glasses, the right eye was excellent. When I covered my good eye, and attempted to see with the left one, I could only tell light from darkness; and then only darkness settled in. It was too lazy to even try to see. This presented no problems to me. I thought every one was seeing the way I did and must have compensated. I did have trouble playing any kind of ball, especially soft ball. Back then, we had long recesses and played active games. A boy would be assigned to me to take my third bat, and when he hit the ball, I ran the bases. I was very good at that! Thing was, I was very good at hitting mailboxes when I began driving and hitting the right side of our one-car garage as I attempted to enter.

My best friend lived in the house next to ours on the other side, named Pat, I think. We loved to play outside. (One time I left my dolly outside, it rained, and I got a spanking because she was ruined by the rain.)

 Pat got in the backseat of their car as her mom was going to the store. Her mom forgot something, went back into the house. Pat climbed out of the car, too. Her mother didn’t notice that fact, got in, started the car, backed out the drive and over Pat, killing her. My heart aches to this very day when I think of her mom. I do not know the rest of the story as to what happened after that. I do know that we were all so sad for a very long time.


June 30, 2011 - Posted by | Conversations with my GRANDdaughter

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  1. I’m not sure I knew about Pat. It makes me cry to think about the pain you and they must have felt for years. That would be one of those “if only” times that you never forget.

    Comment by Bob Patterson | June 30, 2011 | Reply

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