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 Rev 19:10And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he *said to me, “Do not do that; I am a fellow servant of yours and your brethren who hold the testimony of Jesus; worship God. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

The word, “testimony,” has also been translated “witness.” This word means “to bear a witness or testimony” – not, to BE a witness. When I was growing up, it was popular for my pastor and church leaders to preach about being a witness without mentioning the depth of the message or that we must study to be approved by God. Jesus’ witness/testimony was the spirit of prophecy. “Brethren” hold this testimony/witness. The word, “hold” is “echo” in the original text and I am fixin’ to paste Vine’s note on this word for you. It is an in-depth study within itself, but, perhaps, for the moment, we can grasp the idea:

echo (G2192), the usual verb for “to have,” is used with the following meanings: (a) “to hold, in the hand,” etc., e.g., Rev_1:16; Rev_5:8; (b) “to hold fast, keep,” Luk_19:20; metaphorically, of the mind and conduct, e.g., Mar_16:8; Joh_14:21; Rom_1:28; 1Ti_3:9; 2Ti_1:13; (c) “to hold on, cling to, be next to,” e.g., of accompaniment, Heb_6:9, “things that accompany (salvation),” lit., “the things holding themselves of salvation” (RV, marg., “are near to”); of place, Mar_1:38, “next (towns),” lit., “towns holding nigh”; of time, e.g., Luk_13:33, “(the day) following,” lit., “the holding (day)”; Act_13:44; Act_20:15; Act_21:26; (d) “to hold, to count, consider, regard,” e.g., Mat_14:5; Mat_21:46; Mar_11:32; Luk_14:18; Phm_1:17; (e) “to involve,” Heb_10:35; Jam_1:4; 1Jo_4:18; (t) “to wear,” of clothing, arms, etc., e.g., Mat_3:4; Mat_22:12; Joh_18:10; (g) “to be with child,” of a woman, Mar_13:17; Rom_9:10 (lit., “having conception”); (h) “to possess,” the most frequent use, e.g., Mat_8:20; Mat_19:22; Act_9:14; 1Th_3:6; (i) of complaints, disputes, Mat_5:23; Mar_11:25; Act_24:19; Rev_2:4, Rev_2:20; (j) of ability, power, e.g., Luk_12:4; Act_4:14 (lit., “had nothing to say”); (k) of necessity, e.g., Luk_12:50; Act_23:17-19; (1) “to be in a certain condition,” as of readiness, Act_21:12 (lit., “I have readily”); of illness, Mat_4:24, “all that were sick” (lit., “that had themselves sickly”); Mar_5:23, “lieth (lit., “hath herself”) at the point of death”; Mar_16:18 “they shall recover” (lit., “shall have themselves well”), Joh_4:52, “he began to amend” (lit., “he had himself better”); of evil works, 1Ti_5:25, “they that are otherwise,” (lit., “the things having otherwise”); to be so, e.g., Act_7:1, “are these things so?” (lit., “have these things thus?”), of time, Act_24:25, “for this time” (lit., “the thing having now”).

Well, perhaps not! It appears in the N. T. 724 times. Here, it is a present, active, participle. The testimony of Jesus is presently active in my life and thinking because I highly esteem it as deeply important in relation to “the things to come.” It is in my possession – to have and to hold.


June 3, 2011 - Posted by | Revelation 19:10b

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  1. WOW! I desire to Have all that is mine to be had.

    Comment by Bob Patterson | June 4, 2011 | Reply

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