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There is no dust between our frig and sink cabinet…..

AND – all cleaning supplies behind four doors under the sink are organized according to their purposes!!  Each set has its own carrying handle.  Grab it and go clean.  The double doors under our counter hold paper supplies, dog food, and laundry supplies.  (Our washer and dryer are in our “kitchen.”) 

I use that term, “kitchen” very loosely.  My kitchen is literally a hallway from the den to the rest of the house.  According to HGTV, this house would never sell since kitchens and bathrooms make or break a sale.  One of our bathrooms is so small that I cannot gain another pound!  You think I’m kidding, don’t cha’?  NOT!  Just so happens, though, that it is our favorite bathroom.  The other bathroom is pink and I have heard what people say about pink bathrooms on HGTV.  Not nice, at all.  Well, I look good in pink!

Talk about a multi-purpose room — my kitchen, is the laundry room, the hallway to rest of house, has a food prep island, and then a stove, sink, and frig down the outside wall.  We literally measured how wide I am across my bottom to ascertain the width needed between the sink and the island – and between the washer and dryer and a work table across from them.  You could say that, “I am well-suited to my kitchen.”  (Another room in which I cannot gain any more weight!) 

I know what to do about this:     QUIT WATCHING HGTV!!


May 31, 2011 - Posted by | Newsy News & Random Thoughts

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