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I’ve told you about the pages in my journal…

…haven’t I?  (I just ran a quick search on my site and couldn’t find what I wanted.)  I’m rather sure I gave you the names of the sections.  Anyway, one of them is “listening.”  It is the section where I write to myself in God’s personal voice.  His “voice” comes from my reading His Word and it makes it extremely personal to write it out like this:

“Dear Mary,

You are afflicted so that you learn my statues (those inscribed ordinations I designed especially for you). 

You are suffering so as to learn obedience.  Obedience will qualify you to be glorified with my Son.  There is nothing in this age for Me to use as a comparison.

I know your every way.  You are being tested like gold is purified.”

      (The above was written on 12/5/09….a Saturday…and it was snowing.)

And, you will know the Scripture for this entry on 2/09/06, a Thursday:

“Dear Mary, I have great love you you – I will not consume you – My compassions for you will never fail – they are new every morning (like the manna!) to give you strength for your day – everything you need!

I am your portion – wait for me.  I am good to those whose hope remains in Me, and seeks Me.

Wait quietly for My Salvation.  I will not cast you off; even when you grieve me, I will have compassion on you.  My unfailing love is GREAT.”

             (check out Lamentations 3:22-26; 31-32)


May 17, 2011 - Posted by | Just for Women, Pages from my journal

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