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After hearing three explosians….

I said aloud, “Our power will not be off for hours.  It will be days before it is restored.”  Not as many as I thought, however; we were restored last night at 10:05.  I had watched the storm from our study.  All trees, grasses were bent and leaning flat toward the north.  Winds made the rain and hail go sideways under the power lines.  I heard three transformers explode and then a low, base hummmmmm.  Quit.  Then again. 
During the day we made three trips to our basement room to sit in the dark.  We had our Kindles, though  –  and just kept reading.  I had a 585 page book going.  At the beginning  of the day, I had read 27% and I finished an hour or so before power came back on.

We have never experienced such destruction around in our town and communities.  I have not been out.  Bob has been to check on our daughter-in-law’s mother who had a tree fall on her house.  “It’s bad!”  Trees down everywhere.  He made three detours before he could work his way down to her house only 2 miles from our house.  FaceBook and our local news sites have plenty of photos.  Prayers for those involved.  They will be weary many times over as they bury their loved ones and go through the sticks of their homes.  A man in Ooltewah found a report card from Henegar, AL, in his yard.  That is at least 70 miles from home.


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