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We have a bit of a mystery…..

We have had more squirrels in our “almost an acre” on the side of the largest ant hill in the USA (that’s another story – another time) than ever since moving here in 1979.  So- I decided to buy some raw peanuts and feed them.  Yesterday, I left 10 peanuts on the little porch out in our front, back yard (another story – time).  Ten, because I thought just one at a time might disappear and I could keep count.

Well, I had to eat and go about my chores, but kept a close watch every few minutes.

Then I forgot for a longer period.  Checked.  ALL GONE!

So – did one squirrel carry back all 10 peanuts, or did he run back and get 9 friends and family to help?  Did he bury them all close by to come back for them later?  Or – what animal(s) could have carried off all at once?  There is not even a scrap of a broken shell.    Bluejays and woodpeckers like peanuts, but it is mating season and all that is going on is defending their territories.

(Which reminds me to tell you that we have a Robin – ALL THIS WEEK – who is defending his territory from his reflection in our sliding glass door in the den.  He is getting weaker and weaker.  Doesn’t eat.  I have even cried and prayed for him.  Oh, my, I expect to find him dead on the porch soon.  That means his rival won!)

April 15, 2011 - Posted by | Newsy News & Random Thoughts

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