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I think we have averted the need for a dog psychologist…

Seriously.  Rusty has not been himself since my surgery.  Since we have been home from our 12-hour ordeal, the boy rushes out the door to run errands with Bob.  That’s normal.  What is not:  he won’t come in, sitting by the vehicle for hours at a time – until another errand.  Sit by the truck, car, or van.  Another errand. And, he cycles round again, remaining outside.

All we can figure is that we left him 12 hours last Friday in his room.  Not in his crate, even.  He had the whole room, but upon returning, he was where he was when we left – in the green chair.  The poor boy was making certain he didn’t get left again!  Says to himself, “I’ll just sit by the vehicles and storm inside as soon as they open the door.  No more 12-hour waits for me!”

I rode along with Bob in the truck yesterday with Rusty in my lap and when we came home, he was happy to come in.  Whew!  Dogs do not speak with voice distinctions, but scream with their body language.  It took us three days, however, to “read” him.  Now, who is the smartest!


March 25, 2011 - Posted by | Newsy News & Random Thoughts

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