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I almost got arrested before going to surgery!…

Or, at least subpoenaed….

There are 8 women with my name on the hospital’s list of patients.  I had been told by the office that called me the day before surgery to inform everyone I met of this fact – very sternly( not her “exact” words).  One of these Mary Pattersons was even born in my same year.  They have confused our heart tests, sent knee replacement surgery info to my urilogist, for two years I received another MPs bill as she made monthly statements and another one had collectors calling me for furniture I had not paid for at Sterchies.  

So, obedient as I am – I am overheard telling my surgery nurse this fact.  In the meantime, “Susan” had been sent to my room to “cheer” me with positive thoughts – like, “let’s just think positive.”   That goes against the grain of my Bibically- correct obedience to “think on these things” in Phillippians.  But, “miss sunshine” becomes adamant upon hearing that I have “divulged” private information and “broken the law!”


“I’m not telling!”

(Quite frankly, I don’t know the girl’s name.  It was a few years ago.  And, I wasn’t going to tell anyway.)

Being in the helpless position of lying naked, tubes in my arteries, and dried-out mouth, I just cried on, silently.

And, our daughter, JOY’s last words to me before I might die – “Be thankful you are about to go under”  – or something like that.  (When she gets back from a wedding in south GA, I will ask her.)

Now, that REALLY CHEERED ME UP!  And, kept me from being arrested for murder.  🙂


March 19, 2011 - Posted by | Fun at the Hospital, Newsy News & Random Thoughts, The Funnies

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