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The Destroyer of the Firstborn, part 6…

 When I was thinking upon the question I left with you on Friday – “On what ground could the Israelites be spared?” – it was time to brain storm. You might have been thinking – “the blood on the lentil and doorposts” – or, “the death of a substitute” – or, something like that. However, it was long before the obedience on that fateful night in Egypt that the LORD made a distinction between His people and all the other peoples on the face of the earth. The LORD was acting upon past determinations and promises of His to this nation!

(That last sentence above, brought to mind a reminder we need: The LORD keeps His Word. He most certainly means what He says and all will come to fulfillment! Every institution, every person, place or thing, is fulfilling His Will. This includes evil as well as what we think of as good.)

You do not want to miss the fact that the LORD was acting upon His Own past promises. It will prevent you from false beliefs concerning the basic ‘theologies” you may hear and believe. Such as – The blood procured their salvation (as you have almost always heard as “salvation”). No, these people – the sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – were already “HIS PEOPLE.” The LORD had already “created this nation and chosen for Himself this people for His own personal possession out of all the peoples on the earth – without the shedding of blood. The blood procured their deliverance, freedom, and slavery from Egypt and spared the life (shedding of blood) of the firstborn through a substitute. The blood provided for their freedom to serve, worship, love, trust, and obey the LORD, their creator, maker and the One Who formed them as His Own vessel for His Own use! And, you learned last week, the LORD, Himself, was beside the avenging angel, preventing his entrance into the households with blood on doorposts and lentils.

(Oh, girls – I must ask you right here, have you applied the precious blood of our Lord, the Savior, The Christ, to the life you will live for HIM today? He does provide for us to do just that. First John, the first chapter, is a synopsis for us. And, there is Proverbs 28:13, to help us know what real prosperity is – obtaining mercy! He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.)

Back to my subject for today:

  • Before becoming captives in Egypt: Israel had been created by the LORD and taken and chosen for Himself.

  • They were created by God by His Name, LORD (“Jehovah”) – the God of the Covenant.

  • They were under the Promise made to their “fathers” – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

  •  They were “sons of God,” even first-born sons.

Tomorrow – I need to begin with the references for the above statements.


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