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Highlights from the Holidays…..

I BEAT THE LITTLE RED-HAIRED GIRL AT MONOPOLY!! She has the credit card version and is an excellent banker. The game goes quicker because we are not continually counting out our money I won!! – BIG TIME. This is newsworthy because she has always beaten me.

The extended family and friend party was especially refreshing this year. All of us there are excentrics in some way; and put us all together in one place for 4 hours, could prove exhausting. Instead, the collective humor of each, rules! That’s the key. Humor! One thing excentrics have in common is the understanding of humor – good clean fun – with chips on the shoulders, non-existent.

Robert and Lesa, from Colorado, arrived from a routine, on time, flight. Their timing of flights fit right in between all the bad weather on both ends. The plans and arrangements of their time here went so smoothly that I leaned back and relaxed as all went as planned. We stayed up late, woke late. This matched their two-hour time difference. What I enjoyed most about them was that we had time “alone” with each. Robert was here when Lesa flew down to Florida to visit her brothers and Lesa was here an extra three days when Robert had already flown back to CO to go back to work. It just couldn’t have been better!

We had an earlier gift-swap for our immediate family – the 18th. So – when the 25th was snowed in, we all had an enjoyable peace because we were all done, everyone home safely.

I especially enjoyed our daughters-in-law’s mothers. We had times and chit-chat about this ‘n that. How refreshing!

And I just want to thank the Lord for His Goodnes! Hearing my children laugh is my favorite sound. The wit or wisdom was/is in perfect timing. For an earthly scene, our times together were made in heaven.

(Of course, I know they ALL are!)

December 31, 2010 - Posted by | About, Newsy News & Random Thoughts

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