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Willpower vs. Willed Obedience…

 I can remember my mom saying, “I know I need to lose weight, but I just don’t have the willpower.” And, I can second that, making a unanimous vote! I betcha’ that not a reader out there but that knows what I’m talking about. Using willpower to try not to think about a dark chocolate Snicker’s bar, just reinforces my lust for one and I finally give in so as to satisfy my willpower not to have one!

Give up on the “power of will” because it is soulical and “lawful.” What I need is “willed obedience” enamating from my spirit in accordance to the spirit of obedience.

Now that you’ve thought/read about it for a second or two, you are sensing the difference. Paul, in Romans, helps us understand this principle: Rom 8:12 Hence, then, brethren––debtors, we are, not unto the flesh, that, according to flesh, we should live,–– Rom 8:13 For, if according to flesh ye live, ye are about to die, whereas, if in spirit, the practices of the flesh, ye are putting to death, ye shall attain unto life; (Rotherham’s)

The doctrine in these verses is of a very serious nature, having to do with the quality of life – or not – we might have – or not – in the age to come; but the principle, or precept, is what I am emphasizing now. My spirit is my demeanour, consisting of my basic attitude toward God, myself, and I. The “spirit of sonship” is discussed in Romans 8, and is that spirit of mind that yields up to “not my will, but Thine be done.” It also means suffering in the context of Romans 8.

Elisabeth Elliot says, “Willpower, of course, will not always overcome human emotions. But willed obedience to the One Who is in charge, coupled with prayer for His help is something else.”

Psalms 96-98 came to mind. Good praise Psalms – go read them.


December 6, 2010 - Posted by | Newsy News & Random Thoughts

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