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 Verse 10 begins with “Therefore.” So – read parts 1-4 to find out what this “therefore” is for; and I will give you a sneak peek in verse 11 of what it is for: an abundant entrance into the age-lasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

When the above character qualities are mine and increasing and I am bearing fruit in the knowledge of my Lord, I am to diligently bring in beside those the certain – stable – sure-footed – calling and choosing (election) of me. Practicing these things, I will never stumble – from the straight and narrow path leading to life in the age to come.

The Alternate Literal version reads like this: 2Pe 1:10 For this reason, rather, brothers [and sisters], be eager [or, diligent] to be making certain His calling and choice [or, election] of you, for these [things] doing, you shall by no means stumble at any time.

I like “For this reason,” don’t you? And, it is a super reason, I must say! I want the results.

I think this refers back to the opening verses 1-4, also; because the Concordant Literal says, “now for this same thing also.” Here are the “same things” that Peter has:

  1. a bond-servant of Jesus Christ
  2. precious faith
  3. the righteousness of God
  4. grace and peace multiplied
  5. the knowledge of God
  6. His divine power
  7. things pertaining to life in the age to come and godliness
  8. exceeding great and precious promises
  9. partakers of the divine nature

Mary, having brought in beside these 9 things, the above mentioned godly qualities (v.5-7) in your character, be DILIGENT!…….


October 8, 2010 - Posted by | 2 Peter notes, How I Read in Context, Learning to read - accurately

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