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The Two Tabernacles, part 4…

 So – It’s time to read through the Old Testament again, isn’t it. I am not reading through this year because of more specialized studying; and, we have read the N. T. together. Bob is reading through the Old and is already in Ezekiel. Now, I wish I had done that, too. Stephen’s “sermon” is a very good condensation; however, we cannot know the full extent of his message without the O. T. account fresh on our minds. This is a good time to read through the Bible. No need to wait until the first of the year. Pretend September is your new year. It was mine when our children were in school. Now-a-days there are multitudes of plans for reading through the Bible online. But those will not get you reading enough. Better to begin and just keep reading until bed time. The historical events will amaze you. There is time travel, too! The heavens are opened and descriptions of creatures will fill your mind with wonders.

And – there is much about the Tabernacle of Testimony. “Testimony” has been translated “witness” in the KJV: based on the noun, “martyr.” Vine: (whence Eng., “martyr,” one who bears “witness” by his death) denotes “one who can or does aver (justify, prove, positively and with conviction affirms) what he has seen or heard or knows.”

The tabernacle was not only a testimony of Who Is and Who Is to come, it was a witness to the death angel having “passed over” the houses of the firstborn in Egypt because of the death of a substitute.

Moses had witnessed the very pattern for the tabernacle in the heavens. The word, “pattern,” or “fashion,” in the KJV, is the Greek word, “tupos.” A “type.” My dad had a printing press in our basement and he set the type exactly as to what he desired to produce on the page. Jehovah God set the type, Moses “printed” it – carried out the instructions of the type. The church in the wilderness had the perfect pattern of the heavenly, but preferred the work of their own hands, the idols of astrology, false gods, of those around them – what’s more? They had not changed! Stephen tells them in v. 51 that they are doing just as their fathers did. And, may we not miss the admonition and instruction for ourselves from this O. T. account.

But God turned away and delivered them up to serve the host of heaven…” v.42a

They were serving and worshipping the present “messiah” – satan – and his host of angels in their habitat. God let them have their way.


September 16, 2010 - Posted by | How I Read in Context, Learning to read - accurately, Luke and Acts/Letters to Theophilus

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