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The Two Tabernacles, part 1…

Many times we are commanded to be warned, use as examples, and view as types all the things that happened to the people of Israel lest the very same things that happened to them would hamper and even prevent, our entrance into the coming kingdom of our Lord. These warnings are REAL/REALITY, folks! The way we live now is temporal. Do you believe that? Your lifestyle reveals your belief/unbelief. Seek you first (in time, place, order, and importance) the kingdom of God, and everything you NEED will be added to your seeking. Seeking first in time will be the key obstacle to overcome. The others follow as first in place, first in ordering your life aright, and first in importance – no matter what!

Moses had been given a PATTERN of the tabernacle, its furnishings, and all the instructions needed for assembly and disassembly and transportation. The pattern was the pattern in the heavenly tabernacle. A little “heaven on earth,” if you will, for His chosen people. But, it was bloody. There was much washing. And, there was no entrance for the common person into the inner court, nor the innermost court. The pretty, gold, Holy things were unseen except by the priests. The people had to trust that the things accomplished inside were for their benefit. They could not go inside to rearrange the loaves of bread, light the candles, nor offer prayers at the altar of incense; much less, behold the Mercy Seat with the gold angels atop.

Having been in Egypt, the idol-worshipping land, they had seen gold, gold, and more gold idols, along with the worship of them – and they went back to Egypt IN THEIR HEARTS! Acts 7:39 Unto whom (Moses, as a type of Christ), our fathers would not become obedient, but thrust him away, and turned in their hearts unto Egypt, Are you receiving the warning here?

God is so good. There is only one verse in Proverbs that we must attend to with ALL diligence:

Prov 4:23 Above all that must be guarded, keep thou thy heart, for, out of it, are the issues of life. Our heart’s position will determine whether the springs of living water will issue forth to eternal life – life in the age to come. Those whose hearts turned back to Egypt died in the wilderness, having never reached the land flowing with milk and honey the Lord had waiting for them. We either store up treasures here – our idols – or store up treasure for the age to come. There is no in betweens, nor almosts. It is simply an either/or!

Which tabernacle have you set up in your heart? Tomorrow, I plan to print out for you from chapter 7 in Acts verses 35 through 45. You need to read the whole chapter today.


September 13, 2010 - Posted by | How I Read in Context, Learning to read - accurately, Luke and Acts/Letters to Theophilus

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