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Wrapping up the week…..

Bob and I are having “the best time of our lives.!”   We have time!  Time to read, study, talk, cook, clean, dream, meditate, wonder, ——-on and on.  And, the septic tank and lines are all finished.  YEH!!  All the digging and covering over revealed  lots of good dirt for “farming.”  It is all cleared and Bob could plant OKRA next year.  Zucchini!  Room for anything we want.  Having the strength and the weather for it is still up for grabs, however.  If I would/could help Bob, I think he would do it.  (oh, dear, perish the thought.)

This week we have read the apostle John’s books in the New Testament.  John, 1, 2, 3, John, and Revelation.  We did this at night with the help of the Blue Letter Bible site.  We have it read to us as we follow along in our Bibles. (  This way helps us to focus and stay on track instead of taking rabbit trails.  Only took 3 nights.  We will probably take on Paul next, which will take more time.  But, we got it! – as long as the Lord wills.  We “buy up the opportunity” now because we know it will not always be like this – more than likely.  We are old and our bodies get mad at us every once in a while.

Monday through Wednesday’s blogs are already posted to come up next week.  And, Thursday afternoon at 3:00, it is Dr. Hunt (an ENT) day for Bob.  Lord willing, we will have plenty of time for listening to Paul.

I have finished the two books, “Devil Amongst the Lawyers” and “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine.”  I tell you I got tired of that poor ole lonesome pine.  It stood on the mountain cliff and everybody riding a horse, or walking, had to pass by that tree, linger by that tree, dream by that tree, kill somebody by that tree, kiss at that tree, meet at that tree, look over the valley from that tree, and even bury a necklace at the foot of that tree!  That Lonesome Cove was vividly described in every chapter – with the same words that I got the first time.  And, the way it was written, the two main characters thought each other’s thoughts for the other one.
                   I will pause a moment and let you attempt to comprehend that.


She would think that he was thinking such and such while he was thinking that she was thinking about such and such.  Nobody can read another’s thoughts.  One can “read” body language and make some rather good guesses sometimes; but I like just plain ole directness!  So, why, in the world, did you finish the thing, Mary?  For the history of the Cumberland Gap – and now we want to go.  We’ve been there before.  You can stand in three states at one time –  uh, if you put one foot on top of two state lines and the other foot on the third line.  Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.  (Did you hear about the farmer who was breeding chickens with three legs because there were three people in his family and they always wanted the leg of the fried chicken?  Somebody asked him how that was working for him and how they tasted. 

 “Don’t rightly know.  Ain’t caught one yet.”


August 14, 2010 - Posted by | About, Newsy News & Random Thoughts


  1. You told “a good ‘um” I ain’ t nev’r heered ‘foe.”

    I love you, Mayre!


    Comment by Bob Patterson | August 14, 2010 | Reply

    • It was in Friday’s magazine. The three legs just seemed to fit with the three states. mp

      Comment by searchfortreasure | August 14, 2010 | Reply

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